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Essential Oil Sample Vials

$28 - $38

Aromatherapy Inhaler Relax Collection

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Natural Perfume Kit

$223 - $234

Aromatherapy Roll-On Collections

$53 - $82

Professional Aromatherapy Starter Kit

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Citrus Essential Oils Collection

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil Collection

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Floral Essential Oil Collection

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Lavender Essential Oil Collection

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Essential Oil Kits & Collections

We have a great Natural Perfume Making Kit, a Professional Aromatherapy Starter Kit, a Lavender Collection that contains six different Lavender Essential Oils and many more. Some of our Kits are designed specifically for students of The Highlands School of Natural Healing Level I, Level II, and Level III courses and the Aromatherapy School. They’re also great for novice aromatherapists, natural perfumers and essential oil enthusiasts.

We’re currently in development of new Collection & Kits to be rolled out throughout 2019.  Our Lavender Kit has been a customer favorite and we just launched our NEW! Citrus Oil Kit complete with a unique collection of distinct, aromatic oils in this family. Also, recently added collection include a eucaluptus collection and a floral collection.