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Pure Essential Oils from Artisan Aromatics

Artisan was founded in 2010 by Ivan Prim & Dr. Joie Power. Joie started out teaching aromatherapy classes for healthcare professionals 28 years ago, and Artisan Aromatics is a result of their dedication to sourcing the highest quality oils and aromatherapy supplies. As aromatherapy specialists, we understand that quality is important when it comes to your health and well being. This is why we import and sell only the highest quality essential oils. Since the early days, we’ve grown to supply hundreds of retailers, medical centers, and aromatherapy professionals throughout the world, all bottled here in the USA to maintain maximum freshness & potency. We’d love to help you, and we guarantee your satisfaction with our products.

The Aromatic Essentials

The Aromatic Essentials blog is dedicated to helping you create great aromatherapy recipes and teach you about specific oil properties and benefits. Don’t miss Aromatic Intelligence with Dr. Joie Power, where she shares her in-depth aromatherapy knowledge.

Relaxing Essential Oils
Ivan Prim

Relaxing Essential Oils

Can Essential Oils Help You Relax? Relaxing Essential Oils – there are many essential oils that can help with relaxation but three really stand out:…

Anxiety Oils, Anxiety Essential Oils
Ivan Prim

Oils for Anxiety

Can Essential Oil Help with Anxiety? Three Oils for Anxiety really stand out. There are many essential oils that could be used for dealing with…

Good Defense Antiviral Essential Oil Blend
Ivan Prim

Wholesale Essential Oils for Your Business

Wholesale Essential Oils for Your Business Best Quality Essential Oils Sourced from Around the World & Bottled in USA Is it time to get wholesale…

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We take pride in our essential oil sourcing

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Featured Essential Oils

You’ll fall in love with how pure and unaltered our oils are. Try our new oil blends too!.

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The Art of Enfleurage​

Enfluerage Oils are extracted from flowers and they produce the most fragrant oils.

Organic Wildcrafted Oils

We work with some of the most exclusive suppliers to bring you the best oils.

Aromatherapy Supplies

All the “other” goods you need for your storing, using and mixing your oils.

Sustainable & Pure Quality Essential Oils

When it comes to supplying your essential oils we don’t take shortcuts. Many suppliers look for the cheapest exports they can buy, so the quality of oil suffers. At Artisan Aromatics, we partner with only the finest providers to ensure you get the most pure oils money can buy. This means we may not always be the cheapest option for your therapeutic quality oils, but you know you’re always getting great quality. We’ll always take the time to educate you where we can so you’ll make informed oil purchase and know you’re getting the most benefit of use. Feel free to reach out to Ivan or Joie with any questions you might have, they’d be glad to assist!

Does your company need bulk essential oils, or resell retail?

Then you may be interested in taking a look at one of our many programs available to for your larger essential oil purchases and needs. Your business could save money, and you’ll be providing the best essential oils for your customers :

Artisan Aromatics Customer Reviews

The excellence in service and products has made me a very satisfied customer for over 2 years. The essential oils are top quality and very fresh, potent. The orders are promptly filled and packaged very nicely, and a signed invoice always has a sample E.O. vial attached. The shipping is very reasonable. I feel confident in Artisan Aromatics product line, as their standards are very high. I love that this is a business in my home state of N.C. and I get "down-home" service! Liz M.
Richard M.
Richard M.
01:18 16 Mar 21
I use these oils in my office in nebulizers and with patients. Better quality and better pricing than the big oil companies.
Brett K.
Brett K.
20:50 22 Jul 20
The quality of these oils is superior and the prices are reasonable!
Jordy W
Jordy W
18:03 19 Mar 16
I have been working with Dr. Joie and Ivan and they are great! Its refreshing to work with informed and honest experts in the Essential Oils community. Highly recommend them!
Kyle B.
Kyle B.
21:29 16 Mar 16
As a student, I needed some oils for my masseuse classes, Therapeutic oil in particular. So my instructor recommended Artisan Aromatics. These oils are amazing, not only do they work magic, but the lady over at Artisan Aromatics gave me a 20% discount. Thank you!
Marie B.
Marie B.
10:58 02 Feb 15

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