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We’ve been providing pure essential oils to aromatherapists and the public since 1993.

We know that your satisfaction begins with QUALITY oils and ingredients.

Essential Oils Sourced from Around the World & Bottled in USA

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Choosing expertly sourced essential oils and using them properly is important. That’s why all of our oils and oil blends come with accurate descriptions:

  • complete information on botanical sources of our essential oils
  • suggestions for best methods of use for best results
  • precautions to be followed for safe use of essential oils

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Artisan Aromatics Essential Oil Promise

At Artisan Aromatics, each and every customer is important to us. That’s why we make this promise:

We will strive to supply the highest quality pure essential oils and other aromatics and to give you up-to-date and accurate product information. Unlike many other essential oil companies, we will never knowingly make false claims or suggest risky methods of use.​ Our Priorities are Quality and Safety.

We’ve made it easy for you to satisfy your need for the finest oils and aromatherapy products. You’ll have no more worries that you’re not getting the very best essential oils available anywhere. To ensure that our oils are as fresh and potent as possible, we bottle our oils only after receiving an order here in the USA.

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Essential Oil Reviews from Real Customers

I use these oils in my office in nebulizers and with patients. Better quality and better pricing than the big oil companies.
Brett Kubricht
Brett Kubricht
20:50 22 Jul 20
Ash Allard
Ash Allard
21:16 07 Sep 19
Phenomenal essential oils and customer service
Emilie Pinho
Emilie Pinho
17:00 15 Jun 19
The quality of these oils is superior and the prices are reasonable!
Jordy W
Jordy W
18:03 19 Mar 16
I have been working with Dr. Joie and Ivan and they are great! Its refreshing to work with informed and honest experts in the Essential Oils community. Highly recommend them!
Kyle Battis
Kyle Battis
21:29 16 Mar 16
As a student, I needed some oils for my masseuse classes, Therapeutic oil in particular. So my instructor recommended Artisan Aromatics. These oils are amazing, not only do they work magic, but the lady over at Artisan Aromatics gave me a 20% discount. Thank you!
Marie Bridwell
Marie Bridwell
10:58 02 Feb 15