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We sell only pure therapeutic quality essential oils, bottled here in the USA to maintain maximum freshness & potency. Since the early days, we’ve grown to supply hundreds of retailers, medical centers, and aromatherapy professionals throughout the world. We’d love to help you, and we guarantee your satisfaction with our pure essential oils, absolutes & enfleurage oils. We know you’ll fall in love with our pure, unaltered essential oils, as well as our fantastic professionally formulated blends too!

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Why Choose Essential Oils from Artisan Aromatics?

Artisan Aromatics was founded in 2010 by Ivan Prim with the help of his wife, Dr. Joie Power, a neuropsychologist and internationally known teacher of aromatherapy. When Joie began teaching aromatherapy to healthcare professionals 28 years ago, she wanted her students to use only the highest quality essential oils and aromatherapy supplies. To help meet that need, Ivan became active in the essential oil industry and spent years vetting suppliers and importing their products. With decades of experience under his belt, Ivan founded Artisan Aromatics to bring the same high quality essential oils to the public as he had been bringing to Joie’s students.

As aromatherapy specialists, we understand that quality is everything. 

Aromatic Intelligence

Essential Oils for Pain

The Best Essential Oils for Pain

The Best Essential Oils for Pain One of the most frequent questions I get is what are the best essential oils for pain? If this is a question you’ve had yourself, read on. It’s hard to feel happy when your body hurts! It’s estimated that 20% of people of all ages have chronic body pain…

Spring the Season of Renewal

Essential Oils for The Season of Renewal

Spring Is Coming: Essential Oils for The Season of Renewal Traditional systems of medicine teach us that changes from one season to the next pose challenges to our well-being as we are confronted with shifting energies and changing environmental conditions. When I’ve written in the past about how to use essential oils to ease seasonal…

Peppermint Essential Oil for Smell Loss

Smell Loss – Smell Retraining Therapy

Smell Loss Did you know that a study in the American Journal of Otolaryngology in 2021 found that over a million people have suffered a loss of smell during these trying times (2020-2022). But the good news is that over 72% recover most or all of their sense of smell and 84% recover their sense…

Explore Our Aromatherapy Collection

Artisan Aromatics Enfleurage Oils - Frangipani

The Art of Enfleurage​

Enfluerage Oils are extracted from flowers and they produce the most fragrant oils.

Artisan Aromatics Essential Oils - a drop

Organic Wildcrafted Oils

We work with some of the most exclusive suppliers to bring you the best oils.

Artisan Aromatics Essential Oils - Achy Body Blend

Aromatherapy Supplies

All the “other” goods you need for your storing, using and mixing your oils.

Sustainable & Pure Quality Essential Oils

When it comes to supplying your essential oils we don’t take shortcuts. Most essential oil vendors look for the cheapest exports they can buy, so the quality of oil suffers. At Artisan Aromatics, we partner with only the finest providers and growers to ensure that you get the purest and efficacious oils money can buy. This means we may not always be the cheapest option for your therapeutic quality oils, but you can be assured you’re always getting great quality. We’ll always take the time to educate you where we can so you’ll make informed oil purchase and know you’re getting the most benefit of use. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have.

Memorial Day S A L E! Aromatherapy products & 💯% pure, therapeutic essential oils.

5 1

Mid-week E N E R G Y! ...

8 1

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory." - Dr. Seuss ...

6 1

Want to learn more about Smell Retraining Therapy? Head to our site & check out our Smell Loss Essential Oil Kit. ...

10 1

Can’t decide? We’ve got some wonderful essential oil sample kits available as an option to explore new aromas. #artisanaromatics ...

12 2

Calm & Balanced…Essential Oils for intention-setting ‘on the 🧘🏻‍♀️mat’. ...

10 1

Apply diluted oil to pulse points and/or the top of the head. 🧘🏻‍♀️Close your eyes, bring your awareness into yourself. Take in the perfectly combined aromas of Cedarwood, Frankincense, Jasmine & Mandarin. ...

9 1

To all the mothers who guide us toward our dreams, who love us unconditionally, who find joy in our joy. ...

5 1

"Life is like riding a bicycle 🚲. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." - Albert Einstein

6 1

Heat & humidity are right around the corner. Just sayin'... ...

7 1

Do you know any yoga instructors who love essential oils? We offer an exclusive discount program for wellness practitioners. Please forward on to any who may be interested. ...

6 1

What essential oils do you have resting on your meditation altar?🧘🏻‍♀️#chakraoils ...

7 1

Hey Gardenia Lovers! 🤍Our popular Monoi Body Cream is a luxurious, infused moisturizer made from soaking the petals of Tahitian Gardenias in coconut oil.
Monoi is a Tahitian word meaning "scented oil" and widely used among French Polynesians as a skin and hair hydrator.
Over the years, it has been popular in Europe and has recently became a ‘must-have’ product in the US.

13 1

Sometimes change can be challenging yet when each of us continues to expand our awareness and take small steps, the effects can be monumental. #earthday2022 🌎 ...

15 1

Throat Chakra: The 5th Chakra known as the center of truthful & compassionate communication.
When in balance, we are centered & content, freely and confidently able to express our thoughts, feelings and ideas.
When out of balance, we may be timid, anxious quiet and unreliable.
Our proprietary Throat Chakra Alignment Blend is infused with aromas of Clary Sage, Lavender & Palmarosa. Great for diffusion or diluted application on pulse points of choice.

14 3

🐣🐰🥚 ...

9 0

Something for everyone at #artisanaromatics #essentialoils #aromatherapy #naturalperfumery 🌿 ...

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LIMITED EDITION✨Organic Jasmine Enfleurage Oil ••• We are the sole purveyor of this rare handcrafted enfleurage oil produced by our grower in  South America and then bottled by hand at our facility in NC USA. It’s quite a precious, heady floral with a luxurious aroma.🤍🤍🤍 ...

24 1

Does your company need bulk essential oils, or resell retail?

Then you may be interested in taking a look at one of our many programs available to for your larger essential oil purchases and needs. Your business could save money, and you’ll be providing the best essential oils for your customers :

Artisan Aromatics Customer Reviews

High quality oils. Informative website. Shipped quickly and securely. My favorite place to shop essential oils and defusers.
Sandra W.
Sandra W.
11:48 23 May 22
Artisan Aromatics has been my source of scents and supplies for several years. Not only superb quality but a source of information on the nuances of this art. Excellent response time as well. All of my dealings with them have been excellent .
Neale P.
Neale P.
23:30 22 May 22
Absolutely terrific products. Every time I order I get fast shipping and the quality is top notch. Thanks!!
Jenn E.
Jenn E.
03:20 02 May 22
Outstanding customer service. They had some technical issues that caused a bit of a miscommunication initially but they were promptly corrected. They went out of their way to make me feel like a valued customer.
Kristine Y.
Kristine Y.
18:42 27 Apr 22
If you are curious about the various hydrosols I encourage you to try one. I am now on my second bottle of lavender mist after finishing the strawberry. It is the only thing I can spray directly on my eyes without irritation. After recent eye surgery this will be essential for me in the coming months. The mist is very fine and the bottle seems to last a good while. Try it!
Leslie K.
Leslie K.
11:25 06 Apr 22
This is the only place where I was able to find enfleurage oil - after reading about it. The oil has such a strong smell! I had no idea. No need to open the bottle to smell it. 🙂
Marianna K.
Marianna K.
21:48 06 Feb 22
5 stars for Customer Service aloneIt's been a number of years since I made a purchase from AA. I haven't been in the market for aromatics for a few years. However, when I recently opened an email from them I felt compelled to purchase their Chakra Kit. The order was easy to make in their online store, it came within days and when I had a question about the order once it arrived my emailed inquiry was answered quickly, courteously and thoroughly by "Sue". I am very happy to be, once again, supporting a local in state business that takes rigorous protocols to provide a pure product to their customers. Thank you Artisan Aromatics for making my experience such a delight.Update: 1.10.22I’ve had a couple of weeks to use the Chakra Kit and I am absolutely thrilled I gifted mySelf with it. Every scent has a pure and pleasant aroma right from the jar and on my skin. I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone exploring scents as “healing” for their chakras. It is my first time using scents specific to chakras but have found a new sense of balance since using them.
21:26 10 Jan 22
Amazing professionalism, service and prices. I bought several scents and I am very impressed with the quality and the grade. I highly recommend their products.
Kristin B.
Kristin B.
19:41 21 Dec 21
Their products are the best. I've used their essential oils and hydrosols over the years, and my kids and I love them. We have an allergy, so I use their oils in the bedroom especially in winter time. They can sleep really well with this oils. Also, they have an amazing customer service. I highly recommend their products.
Mami T.
Mami T.
02:52 12 Oct 21
I've been using their EOs for over 15 years. True therapeutic grade and sustainably sourced. A little pricer than some, but worth every penny! And, you're supporting a small, US owned, business!
Cheryl C
Cheryl C
22:15 07 Oct 21
These are absolutely the best essential oils available. I make skincare and use them exclusively. I have tried every popular brand of EO and although they are all lovely these oils are simply better! I’m so glad I found them and don’t have to keep searching to find the best quality EOs for my high end skincare line!
Amy A.
Amy A.
06:42 23 Aug 21
Love the essential oils and their quality, Excellent customer service.Thank You.
soheila K.
soheila K.
19:38 15 Aug 21
The quality of Artisan Aromatics is fantastic and the price is great! I got introduced to their oils at the hospital where I work, and I like them so much that I created an account with them to incorporate them into my work outside the hospital as well. Love these oils and the personal service that Artisan Aromatics provides!
Michelle S.
Michelle S.
13:09 16 May 21
The excellence in service and products has made me a very satisfied customer for over 2 years. The essential oils are top quality and very fresh, potent. The orders are promptly filled and packaged very nicely, and a signed invoice always has a sample E.O. vial attached. The shipping is very reasonable. I feel confident in Artisan Aromatics product line, as their standards are very high. I love that this is a business in my home state of N.C. and I get "down-home" service! Liz M.
Richard M.
Richard M.
01:18 16 Mar 21
The quality of these oils is superior and the prices are reasonable!
Jordy W
Jordy W
18:03 19 Mar 16
I have been working with Dr. Joie and Ivan and they are great! Its refreshing to work with informed and honest experts in the Essential Oils community. Highly recommend them!
Kyle B.
Kyle B.
21:29 16 Mar 16
As a student, I needed some oils for my masseuse classes, Therapeutic oil in particular. So my instructor recommended Artisan Aromatics. These oils are amazing, not only do they work magic, but the lady over at Artisan Aromatics gave me a 20% discount. Thank you!
Marie B.
Marie B.
10:58 02 Feb 15

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