Exquisite essential oils bottled in the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico

We sell only the highest quality, authentic, therapeutic grade essential oils and natural scents from around the world. Since our inception in 2010, we’ve grown to supply hundreds of retailers, medical centers, aromatherapy professionals and individual essential oil enthusiasts with all their aromatic needs. 

We know you’ll fall in love with our premium quality essential oils, as well as our professionally formulated blends. If you’re a practitioner or retailer who uses or sells essential oils, check out our easy process to obtain a practitioner or wholesale discount on every order.  

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Why Choose Essential Oils from Artisan Aromatics?

Artisan Aromatics was founded in 2010 in order to bring the highest quality, authentic essential oils to artisans, practitioners and users of essential oils. We take pride in our sourcing, and stand by our products with a money back guarantee.

As aromatherapy specialists, we understand that quality is everything. 

21 Ways To Benefit from Essential Oils Every Day

Essential oils are plant medicine Surrounding ourselves with these powerful, concentrated substances enhance our moods, immune systems and overall sense of wellbeing. As biological beings sharing DNA with plants, we respond to the chemistry of essential oils positively, just as they do. Essential oils exist in the plant for protection and immunity, which we can…

Essential Oils for Pain

The Best Essential Oils for Pain

The Best Essential Oils for Pain One of the most frequent questions I get is what are the best essential oils for pain? If this is a question you’ve had yourself, read on. It’s hard to feel happy when your body hurts! It’s estimated that 20% of people of all ages have chronic body pain…

Spring the Season of Renewal

Essential Oils for The Season of Renewal

Spring Is Coming: Essential Oils for The Season of Renewal Traditional systems of medicine teach us that changes from one season to the next pose challenges to our well-being as we are confronted with shifting energies and changing environmental conditions. When I’ve written in the past about how to use essential oils to ease seasonal…

Explore Our Aromatherapy Collection


The Art of Enfleurage​

Enfluerage Oils are infused from flowers and they produce the most fragrant oils.

Organic Wildcrafted Oils

Just as it sounds, wildcrafted oils are picked from nature’s bounty, and always organic.


Aromatherapy Supplies

All the “other” goods you need for your storing, using and mixing your oils.

Sustainable & Pure Quality Essential Oils

When it comes to supplying your essential oils we don’t take shortcuts. Most essential oil vendors look for the cheapest exports they can buy, so the quality of oil suffers. At Artisan Aromatics, we partner with only the finest providers and growers to ensure that you get the purest and efficacious oils money can buy. This means we may not always be the cheapest option for your therapeutic quality oils, but you can be assured you’re always getting great quality. We’ll always take the time to educate you where we can so you’ll make informed oil purchase and know you’re getting the most benefit of use. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have.

Breathe More Easily with our new Respiratory blend… fresh, bright and full of plant medicine 🌿🍃 Shop www.artisanaromatics.com ...

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Rain or shine, come look for us on Lena Street, 3-6pm! 🌸💕

On the menu:
- a plethora of hydrosols, for hydration, healing, refreshment, cooling and aromatic delight!
- aromatherapy blends for mood and medicine
- roll on blends that support the chakras
- essential oil collections/gift sets: floral, citrus, lavender flight, exotic woods
- plant based healing bodycare: lotions, balms, butters and salves

Music, food and Santa Fe chillin’

Hope to see you there! ☀️⛈️

1708 Lena Street, #103

#planthealing #aromatherapyrocks
#naturestreasures #essentialoils

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Blends, Creams, Hydrosols, oh my! 🌷🌸☀️

Come on out to Lena Street, my Santa Fe neighbors - this Saturday, 3-6pm. Tons of oils and products to sniff and try! 🌷💕

#aromalife #planthealing #aromatherapy #artwalk #firstsaturdays #lenastreetlofts

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Come have fun and deepen your knowledge of essential oils in our live, online class: The Basics of Blending 🌸💕

June 24th, 10am MST
*Class Kit included🌷

Appropriate for beginners and seasoned pros alike!

Learn more and sign up at www.artisanaromatics.com

Hope to see you there! ☀️

#aromatherapy #essentialoils #botanicalhealing #plantjoy

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In honor of "Plant Something Day", we`re planting the seeds of health, healing and the beautiful practice of aromatherapy. This weekend only, we`re giving 20% off all essential oils!

Choose your way to shop at artisanaromatics.com:

- Shop all Oils
- Shop by Plant Part
- Shop Wildcrafted Oils
- Shop Organic Oils
- Complete List A-Z


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Into the Wild!
While organic oils are made from plants cultivated without pesticides, wildcrafted essential oils come from plants gathered from their natural environments, and so are not only organic, they are also “free range” – harvested in a sustainable manner without the use of any chemicals.

Our wildcrafted oils include Lavender, Juniper Berry, Cypress, Fir, and so many more - explore them all at artisanaromatics.com and follow the navigation under Shop.


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Enfleurage Oils back in stock! Fresh from the farm, and new lower pricing. 🌸💗🌷 ...

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This mood-lifting blend is sweet and vibrant, like a pop of candy for the brain: a delicious, delectable delight. ☀️

Add the below essential oils to a 10ml rollerball with a carrier oil, like fractionated coconut, and roll onto the wrists and back of hands frequently. Breathe in, sigh out. Enjoy!

Spring Joy:
Yuzu – 7 drops
Lemon Myrtle – 6 drops
Ylang Ylang – 2 drops

#flowerpower #essentiallife #springjoyladypuppies

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**NEW OIL in the shop!**
Turmeric oil, also known as Curcuma oil, has a complex, earthy aroma with slight fruity notes - surprisingly different from the dry spice. Turmeric is warm and calming with anti-inflammatory benefits, and is used for its antioxidant properties, soothing effects, and ability to promote healthy skin. Shop at artisanaromatics.com

#spicehealing #aromaspice #aromalife

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Spring is the season of planting seeds of intentions… try this fresh and vibrant blend to help manifest your heart’s desire 🌼🌻🌕 ...

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Starting this month, we’re committing to the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) by donating 5% of net profits. 🌱🌳

The Jane Goodall Institute helps people, animals and the land we share, with education, scholarships, micro loans, forest replenishment, seed funding, restoring habitats and fighting both wildlife trafficking and climate change. 🍃 PLUS: We`ve added a Round Up option at checkout, if and when you too feel inspired to give when shopping at Artisan Aromatics! 🍃

#payitforward #givingback
#janegoodall #janegoodallinstitute

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Sanctuary aromatherapy blend is a combination of beautiful essential oils that induce a feeling of refuge, safety and being held in loving care. Let the power of pure Rose Otto, Vetiver, Lavender, Cypress and other gorgeous oils bring a greater sense of overall well being, grounded open-heartedness and security.


#aromatherapy #aromalife #botanicalhealing #naturestreasures

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This “miracle”, multi-purpose salve is full of pain relieving, skin healing, muscle and joint-soothing oils, wax and butters. Handmade in our shop, this artisanal salve can be used for dry skin, to mitigate arthritis pain, to heal nicks, cuts and bug bites, to decrease the appearance of scars and to relieve muscle soreness. Massage into hands and feet or use wherever your skin needs a bit of natural healing, soothing, rejuvenation and protection.

We started with organic olive oil infused with hand-picked borage leaves, added to neroli-infused jojoba, sunflower oil, candelilla flower wax, coconut oil, hemp butter, St. John’s wort oil, sea buckthorn oil, arnica oil, calendula oil and Vitamin E. To enhance its healing properties, we added lavender, yarrow and helichrysum essential oils.

Other Ingredients:

Hemp Seed Butter – powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties
Coconut Oil – protects, softens and hydrates the skin, minimizing wrinkles
Candelilla Wax – made from flowers native to the Southwest USA, it’s a nourishing skin conditioner and plant-based alternative to beeswax
Sunflower Oil – hydrating, calming, protecting, and soothing
Sea Buckthorn Oil – used as a traditional skin treatment for centuries, it’s rich in unsaturated fat, antioxidants and vitamins E and K, protecting and promoting skin renewal
St. John’s Wort oil – used to soothe dry, itchy and eczema-prone skin, while improving the skin’s elasticity and hydration. When massaged into the skin, it is believed to help decrease the appearance of scars.
Vitamin E – antioxidant, free radical skin protector

Check it out under Body Care at artisanaromatics.com 🌷💗🌱

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Seeds symbolize new growth and potential, helping guide new opportunities. They are linked to the season of spring and are useful when birthing new ideas or new beginnings of any kind. They restore our life energy, offering a sense of
growth, nourishment and manifestation of potential. Seed oils tend to be underutilized in aromatherapy, but you can explore them today through Wednesday, with 30% off, at artisanaromatics.com.

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Does your company need bulk essential oils, or resell retail?

Then you may be interested in taking a look at one of our many programs available to for your professional essential oil purchases and needs. Your business could save money, and you’ll be providing the best essential oils for your customers.

Artisan Aromatics Customer Reviews

I made my first order from Artisan Aromatics this month, and I will definitely be back. I looooooove the scent and texture of the UPLIFTING body oil I bought. I also really like orange-vanilla lip balm I bought. (I wasn't sure I would, but I suppose I'm becoming convinced that Artisan Aromatics can do no wrong!) Highly recommend them!
Samuel R.
Samuel R.
Wonderful product! I had gifted the Wild Lavender Whipped Creme to a friend. She went out of her way to tell me she was almost out and needed more!!
Jane B.
Jane B.
Fantastic and authentic. I bought from Wild Veil and was supremely disappointed as well as reacted badly to their strange products. This Artisan Aromatics company is the BEST one to buy from- no hidden agenda or false descriptions like other companies have, and super NICE staff to work with! Highly recommend.
Lynn F.
Lynn F.
This is my first time ordering from Artisan Aromatics. I am very happy with what I received. I use essential oils for my personal needs and to gift to friends. I purchased some Key Lime made my Artisan Aromatics at a campground in North Carolina a year ago and loved it. When I was ready to replenish I decided to purchase from them. Oh my. I am no expert, but I do know authentic scents when I smell them. These are beautiful. I am very happy with them. They were well-packaged and shipped quickly. And they smell wonderful!! Thank you.
Pamela B.
Pamela B.
I absolutely love everything I purchase. I especially love the gardenia and jasmine enfleurage. Beautiful!Shipping is always so fast and I really appreciate the sample gift.Thank you for making such artisan quality oils available. I’m a customer for life!
Excellent & Thoughtful products. Thank you Stephanie and Ivan.✨
Nevine N.
Nevine N.
Purchased Frankincense essential oils from Artizen. I was skeptical trying essential oils. But the very first day I had pain relief and I slept through the night! Im so grateful for finding a reasonably priced and a good grade essential oil! Thank you Artizen 😊
michele C.
michele C.
Prompt service; very happy with everything; much thanks for the free sample
Elmar R.
Elmar R.
5 stars for Customer Service alone (update)It's been a number of years since I made a purchase from AA. I haven't been in the market for aromatics for a few years. However, when I recently opened an email from them I felt compelled to purchase their Chakra Kit. The order was easy to make in their online store, it came within days and when I had a question about the order once it arrived my emailed inquiry was answered quickly, courteously and thoroughly by "Sue". I am very happy to be, once again, supporting a local in state business that takes rigorous protocols to provide a pure product to their customers. Thank you Artisan Aromatics for making my experience such a delight.Update: 1.10.22I’ve had a couple of weeks to use the Chakra Kit and I am absolutely thrilled I gifted mySelf with it. Every scent has a pure and pleasant aroma right from the jar and on my skin. I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone exploring scents as “healing” for their chakras. It is my first time using scents specific to chakras but have found a new sense of balance since using them.Update:9.16.2022Another order during AA's labor day sale. I have been wanting to upgrade the essential oils I use for some time now and this gave me the opportunity to get their starter kit that came with a beautifully laminated instruction pamphlet. I am excited to be using these high quality EOs. I also took the opportunity to treat mySelf to some new roll~ons for travel & moments of stress.The quality of the essential oils is evident & obvious from the moment you open the package. They take such care in packaging so it all arrives safely & intact. All noticeable from the moment you begin to unpack your delivery.Update:2.14.2023I recently had an order where I was trying to add EOs to an existing kit and the owner, Stephanie, worked with me so that I could get exactly what I desired and needed at a price I could afford. As I am not a professional EO user, I just really wanted to have a home kit that I know is of the highest quality when using it for mySelf and family. As I have previously experienced with AA, Stephanie, too, was courteous, patient and made sure everything I received felt "specially" packaged ~ I can tell someone has taken the time to be sure the package is going to make it to me with everything in tact.Thank you AA for caring!
Amazing professionalism, service and prices. I bought several scents and I am very impressed with the quality and the grade. I highly recommend their products.
Kristin B.
Kristin B.
Beautiful rose enfleurage and gardenia solid perfume. I’m in heaven! Love their broad offering of essential oil products that truly respect and reflect the essence of nature.
Stephanie A.
Stephanie A.
After getting the Moderna shot I lost my sense of smell. I have been using aroma therapy for only two days now and I can start smelling again....this really does work.
Ron Mucci S.
Ron Mucci S.
Great quality products at affordable prices, fast delivery! I will definitely recommend!
R. B.
R. B.
I can’t say enough good things about Artisan Aromatics. I’ve started to write several five-star reviews here over the past year, but before I know it I’ve written 6-8 detailed paragraphs highlighting the selection, quality, service, knowledge, and consistent level of excellence I’ve experienced since becoming a customer. From little details such as hand writing the bottled-on dates for each item to special touches like gift boxes for higher-end oils that are only cost effective for most people in much smaller amounts. Speaking of which, I absolutely love the fact that they offer sample bundles (5 blends or 5 essential oils) for a very reasonable price. If not for the sample bundles, I may have never tried so many of the oils that looked interesting (but not interesting enough to buy vastly more than I’d ever use, just to try it- or not try it at all in cases of higher prices for smaller volumes). There are also times when only a very small amount is actually needed, so the option to purchase a sample size avoids wasting both product & money. Please note the sample bundles are for the first time trying an item, which is fair. A number of specialty items such as the enfleurage & absolute oils are excluded from the sample bundles, but many have an option to purchase an individual sample vial - and all of the ones I’ve tried have been absolutely heavenly!! Artisan Aromatics also offers more elusive products such as hydrosols as well as a plethora of carrier oils, and other supplies. This past winter I discovered the joys of the inexpensive plastic inhalers (think Vicks inhaler, but a blank slate). They’re a great way to utilize various blends, whether formulated by the good folks at Artisan Aromatics or custom creations for whatever ails you (or pleases you, for that matter!) They’re super portable & maintain potency longer than expected.Anyway, in attempt to keep this from going too long, I’ll sum up by saying this: since I started shopping with Artisan Aromatics, I haven’t bought essential oils from anybody else. The website is so informative I consider it a reference resource as much as a marketplace. The level of detail regarding sourcing & production provides context for why some items cost more than their mass produced counterparts and reinforces the fact that very high standards are emphasized across the board when dealing with Artisan Aromatics. It’s rare to find a company that sincerely does what is right to maintain quality, provide transparency, make a genuine effort to educate, and offer options/pricing to make as many products as possible accessible to as many different budgets as possible.
Ashley F.
Ashley F.
Artisan Aromatics is my go-to resource for EO knowledge. Their products are incredible and their values are why I purchase from them, but their wealth of wisdom around essential oils is what makes them the best in the biz. Thank you for always standing by your convictions and building that love in the business of oils.
High quality oils. Informative website. Shipped quickly and securely. My favorite place to shop essential oils and defusers.
Sandra W.
Sandra W.
Artisan Aromatics has been my source of scents and supplies for several years. Not only superb quality but a source of information on the nuances of this art. Excellent response time as well. All of my dealings with them have been excellent .
Neale P.
Neale P.
Absolutely terrific products. Every time I order I get fast shipping and the quality is top notch. Thanks!!
Jenn E.
Jenn E.
Outstanding customer service. They had some technical issues that caused a bit of a miscommunication initially but they were promptly corrected. They went out of their way to make me feel like a valued customer.
Kristine Y.
Kristine Y.
This is the only place where I was able to find enfleurage oil - after reading about it. The oil has such a strong smell! I had no idea. No need to open the bottle to smell it. 🙂
Marianna K.
Marianna K.
Their products are the best. I've used their essential oils and hydrosols over the years, and my kids and I love them. We have an allergy, so I use their oils in the bedroom especially in winter time. They can sleep really well with this oils. Also, they have an amazing customer service. I highly recommend their products.
Mami T.
Mami T.
I've been using their EOs for over 15 years. True therapeutic grade and sustainably sourced. A little pricer than some, but worth every penny! And, you're supporting a small, US owned, business!
Cheryl C
Cheryl C
These are absolutely the best essential oils available. I make skincare and use them exclusively. I have tried every popular brand of EO and although they are all lovely these oils are simply better! I’m so glad I found them and don’t have to keep searching to find the best quality EOs for my high end skincare line!
Amy A.
Amy A.
Love the essential oils and their quality, Excellent customer service.Thank You.
soheila K.
soheila K.
The quality of Artisan Aromatics is fantastic and the price is great! I got introduced to their oils at the hospital where I work, and I like them so much that I created an account with them to incorporate them into my work outside the hospital as well. Love these oils and the personal service that Artisan Aromatics provides!
Michelle S.
Michelle S.
The excellence in service and products has made me a very satisfied customer for over 2 years. The essential oils are top quality and very fresh, potent. The orders are promptly filled and packaged very nicely, and a signed invoice always has a sample E.O. vial attached. The shipping is very reasonable. I feel confident in Artisan Aromatics product line, as their standards are very high. I love that this is a business in my home state of N.C. and I get "down-home" service! Liz M.
Richard M.
Richard M.
The quality of these oils is superior and the prices are reasonable!
Jordy W
Jordy W
I have been working with Dr. Joie and Ivan and they are great! Its refreshing to work with informed and honest experts in the Essential Oils community. Highly recommend them!
Kyle B.
Kyle B.

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