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Ivan G. Prim

Ivan G Prim / Owner/Manager

Owner/Manager of Artisan Aromatics

Ivan G Prim is the founder and owner/manager of Artisan Aromatics. While working as a computer consultant to medical practices way back in the ‘80s, Ivan got interested in essential oils when his wife, Dr. Joie Power, was doing medical research on lavender essential oil and seizures and studying the use of essential oils in clinical settings. At that time, in the ‘80’s, clinical quality essential oils were a rarity in the USA so I began doing research to find the best European suppliers so that I could supply essential oils that Joie and the other clinicians needed for their research. After learning the ins and outs of importing quality essential oils, Joie and I decided to create an essential oil company of our own around the year 2000. After running that company for about 5 years, we decided to move on to other endeavors and so we sold our original company. But, after a while, we began to miss the “oily” business. So, I started a new company, Artisan Aromatics, in about 2010 while Joie concentrated on just teaching classes in clinical aromatherapy through her school, The Aromatherapy School and later through her on-line school, Highlands School of Natural Healing.

Artisan Aromatics has intentionally remained a small home-based business. For years, I did almost all the work myself at our home/farm in Fairview NC but as the business grew, I added a few part-time helpers and then a few years ago, I added two full-time employees, Mark & Sue, who do all day-to-day stuff as well as all the bottling and shipping. Additionally, I have a remote webmaster, Patrick, who takes care of all the webby stuff and a remote part-time marketing / social media person, Adrienne. Together, the five of us keep the oils flowing from our various locations: me in Highlands NC, Mark & Sue in Burnsville NC, Patrick in NY & Adrienne in PA.

Dr. Joie Power has expertly selected our essential oils and created all our blends so you can be assured that you will be getting the absolute best oils available anywhere. It is my sincere desire to provide our customers with the finest quality essential oils available anywhere and I hope that you will be thrilled with our quality and service. We will do our best.

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