Good Defense Antiviral Essential Oil Blend

Antiviral Essential Oil Blends

Antiviral Essential Oil Blends – Sourced from Around the World & Bottled in USA

We’ve created four unique antiviral essential oil blends that we think you’ll love:

Good Defense Aromatherapy Blend is our proprietary combination of 100% Pure Essential Oils said by aromatherapists to support your efforts to maintain optimal wellness during the season of colds and runny noses. When it comes to winter wellness, we believe that a good defense is the best offense!

Recover Aromatherapy Blend is a combination of 100% pure essential oils that have been reported by aromatherapists to support restoration of vitality and well-being.  We especially enjoy using it when we’re getting over a cold or other routine setback.

Robbers Aromatherapy Blend  is a combination of 100% Pure Essential Oils based on old, traditional formulas that were used during the Middle Ages by thieves & grave robbers who believed that such herbs and essential oils would help protect them from illness.

Safe Travels Aromatherapy Blend is a combination of 100% Pure Essential Oils with a clean, antiseptic aroma. It is our adaptation of formulas from the Middle Ages once believed to protect from contagious illnesses. We always keep it on hand during the winter months and when traveling.

For more about the use of antiviral essential oils, go to our blog page Essential Oil Antiviral Properties and/or check out our post on creating an Antiviral Sanitizer Spray and here’s a list of our Top 18 Antiviral Essential Oils.

To make best use of your purchase of anti viral essential oils or anti viral blends, choose one or more of our:

Personal Aromatherapy Inhalers

Here’s a link to just a few more of our Essential Oils with Natural Antiviral Properties.

Artisan Aromatics offers you the best quality essential oils for the best natural health experience bottled by hand in USA!

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