Antiviral Sanitizer Spray

Simple Antiviral Sanitizer Spray

How to make your own simple antiviral sanitizer spray

You only need three things:

Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) with an alcohol content of above 60%.
Spray Bottle
Paper towels


  1. Not ALL rubbing alcohol contains 60% or more of alcohol
  2. Vodka or other drinking alcohol does not contain enough alcohol (80 proof = only 40%).

Directions for Creating Your Own Antiviral Sanitizers

Spray the antiviral alcohol on the paper towels and put them in a zip top bag. Along with the spray bottle, carry the paper towels with you to wipe down door knobs, shopping carts, etc.


Keep an extra baggie for change if you’re shopping at a store since coins and dollar bills could be contaminated.

Extra Antiviral Protection

For even more protection, you could add a few drops of any of the antiviral essential oils listed below to your alcohol spray:

Today’s science has produced many effective antibiotics for combating bacterial infections but, it has been far less successful in developing useful antiviral agents, or “viricides”. It’s time that science looked closer at the natural antiviral properties of essential oils – see links to our antiviral essential oils, antiviral essential oil blends and personal inhalers and diffusers below.

For more about the use of antiviral essential oils, check out Essential Oil Antiviral Properties

Research demonstrating the antiviral effects of essential oils has been largely ignored by mainstream American medicine, European companies are more actively involved in the development of natural alternatives to synthetic medicines. In Europe, commercial antiviral preparations employing essential oils have been available for some time.

Which company can offer you the best quality essential oils for the best natural health experience?

For the best quality and the best therapeutic results, choose our company, Artisan Aromatics Essential Oils, for pure essential oils sourced from around the world and bottled by hand in USA.

Here’s a link to just a few of our Essential Oils with Natural Antiviral Properties.

In addition to 180 individual essential oils, we also offer several Essential Oil Blends with Antiviral Properties like “Good Defense”, “Safe Travels”, “Robbers” and more.

To make best use of your purchase of anti viral essential oils or anti viral blends, choose one or more of our Personal Aromatherapy Inhalers,  Aromatherapy Diffusers or Aromatherapy Necklaces & Accessories.

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