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Aromatherapy on the Go | Portable Aromatherapy

Taking Aromatherapy With You

Let’s face it, life can get a little crazy with so many to-do’s and obligations and finding time for self-care can seem illusive.  But what if you could implement aromatherapy (the practice of using essential oils) anywhere and everywhere…an-on-the-go wellness program?  While toting around a large electric diffuser is not an ideal option, there are quite a few things that are portable holistic solutions.

Aromatherapy Inhalers

For many, aromatherapy inhalers are the answer to keeping your favorite essential oils and aromatherapy blends with you at all times.  They’re easy to use, portable and inexpensive.  Artisan Aromatics’ aromatherapy inhalers have a cotton filled inner sleeve of which we’ve added a few drops of our essential oil blends.  That’s 22 blends to choose from!  The inhaler itself is a durable, plastic container about the size of a tube of lipstick as a reference and fits easily into your pocket or handbag.

Using an aromatherapy inhaler is simple. Unscrew the cover, hold the rounded tip under your nose, close your eyes and inhale (with intention) to experience the unique, pleasing aromas to suit your every mood.

For those who wish to customize their aromatherapy inhalers, we offer a pack of 3 or 8 ‘blank’ aroma inhalers allowing you to place a few drops of the essential oil or blend of your choice. One micro-pipette is included with each set of aromatherapy inhalers as a great tool to avoid waste and overdoing it on the application to the inhaler filter.  We find that once you get into the practice of utilizing pipettes for this purpose, you’ll likely continue to take a moment to use them versus quickly adding some drops straight from an essential oil bottle.  Remember: you can always add but you can’t subtract when it comes to adding oils for diffusion. A dozen micro-pipettes are just $4 and well worth it!

Custom Essential Oil-Infused Body Lotion & Hand Lotion

We all have our favorite go-to scents, those aromas that remind us of something, someone or someplace with fondness or, simply aromas that may evoke a particular mood or feeling like being relaxed or uplifted. 

Artisan Aromatics LotionArtisan Aromatics offers an unscented lotion base ready to use as is without fragrance or for you to easily customize by adding a few drops of your chosen single essential oil or essential oil blend to create a signature product just for you!  We take the sourcing of our product offerings very seriously and feel that we’ve found an exceptionally lotion base that is silky, hydrating, and luxurious.  This base lotion formula is filled with effective moisturizing ingredients such as Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Grapeseed Oil just to name a few. 

If you’re having trouble sticking to just one custom lotion scent or simply want something portable, Artisan Aromatics offers 2 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz plastic bottles for you (in sets of 4 pieces) to create your own lotion and carry it with you.  This is especially great for making your own hand lotion to keep your aromatic self-care going throughout the day.

Aromatherapy Jewelry

Yes, there’s aromatherapy with a little blingJ  Aromatherapy necklaces are a great, fashionable way to implement essential oils into your daily life.  Our selection of necklaces includes four styles of beautiful stainless steel open weave aromatherapy lockets.  These can be used to enhance your day with the benefits of essential oils.  Maybe you have a big meeting and choose an Aromatherapy Locket | Aromatherapy On The Goessential oil blend like Be Calm or our Self-Confidence essential oil blend to set the tone for success and smooth sailing.  For others who travel a great deal, wearing an aromatherapy locket with a few drops of our Safe Travels blend may perhaps provide an ease in going from place to place with an adaptation of an essential oil formula from the Middle Ages once believed to protect from contagious diseases.  Using an essential oil locket is easy-breeze as each comes with complimentary felt pads for you to place a few drops of oils of your choice to potentially enhance or set the tone of your mood or intentions.  There’s a style of necklace for all seasons!

Essential Oil Roll-Ons

Each of our essential oil blends including our Chakra Oil Collection, are available in roll-on form, ready-to-use glass cylinder bottles with a steel rollerball for easy application to your pulse points.  They’re super portable and fit easily into your purse or your pocket for application as needed throughout your day.  Our essential oil blend formulas have been thoughtfully curated by Artisan Aromatics’ Aromatherapy Consultants and not only  were created with a specific intention and purpose but also combine the chosen oils into a balanced, delightful scent profiles great for personal fragrance as well.

Aromatherapy For Your Car

While there are small diffusers on the market for use in your car (by plugging the component into your vents), there’s an even easier and inexpensive method of aromatherapy for car travel.  All you need is an essential oil and an old-fashioned cotton ball.  Simply place a few drops of oil onto a cotton ball and place under your car seat to experience the benefits.  We just ask that you be mindful of the scent you choose as for example, oils like Lavender may cause some drowsiness and therePortable Aromatherapy for your carfore are not a good choice while driving!  We have taken steps to provide detailed information about each essential oil and aromatherapy blend on the Artisan Aromatics website in hopes of providing you with safety precautions and contraindications.  Another good rule of thumb is less is more.  We recommend easing in with just a few drops especially in colder months when windows are up!

With the holidays coming, all of our portable aromatherapy offerings make for great stocking stuffers, too!  We feel their simplicity and subtlety are ideal gifts for both aromatherapy aficionados as well as newbies to personal wellness and self-care programs.  As with choosing any gift, it’s important to not only take into account a person’s scent preferences but also marrying that with aromatherapy options created to align with each individual’s lifestyle and intentions.  Another bonus is these portable options are reasonably priced making them ideal choices for Secret Santa exchanges!

We’re here to help and make recommendations for you. So, please free to email us anytime for some guidance and suggestions. We’re here to help!

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