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Artisan Rewards

Sticking with us pays.

Every time you place an order with Artisan, you get the finest essential oils and aromatherapy products available and you earn points that serve as cash on future orders. Simply select “redeem points” at checkout to use. Shop and save – that’s how we roll! 

Points expire after 12 months, so use them or lose them. (Retail only – does not apply for Wholesale and Practitioner orders.)

If you’re new to Artisan, be sure to Register or select “create account” on checkout. From there, the earnings are automatic.

Spend $20 & Earn 10 Reward Points

For every increment of $20 you spend in our store, you'll earn an extra 10 Artisan Rewards Points.

Every 10 points you earn equals $1.00

For every 10 points you earn, you can use it for $1 in spending cash. Points are only redeemable towards purchases.

Use your points in our store anytime!

Use some or all the points you earn for your future purchases in the Artisan Aromatics online store (up to 1 year).

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