Aromatherapy Blend Recipe - Sleep. Good Night Lavender Blend - Sleep

Blend Recipe: Lavender Good Night

Aromatherapy Blend Recipe – Sleep

Aromatherapy Blend Recipe – Sleep is a simple but delightful blend for use before bedtime

You’ll enjoy creating this essential oil recipe to help you sleep. Just the act of creation will ease your mind and the the aroma of the essential oils in this great sleep blend will lull you to sleep.



Use a pipette to drop the ingredients in a small glass bottle.


  • Put 2 to 4 drops on a cotton ball placed in a dish by the bed.
  • You can also take a salt shaker with a screw-on lid, and push the cotton ball with the oil drops down into the shaker, and screw the top back on firmly. The oil blend will then diffuse through the holes in the top of the shaker.
  • For use on the skin, dilute 6 drops of the blend in a tablespoon of vegetable oil (such as grapeseed or almond oil), and use for massage or spot application.
  • Add 4 drops to a tablespoon of whole milk or honey, and add to a warm bath for a great relaxing soak.

Hope you enjoy our Aromatherapy Blend Recipe for Sleep.

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Safety Considerations

  • Do not apply to or near the eyes, mucous membranes or other sensitive areas.
  • Never place essential oils where young children can reach them as they may reach or eat them. If it ever does happen that a child ingests any essential oils, seek emergency medical advice immediately.

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