Blending Paradigms - Live with Oils Kit

October 21st, 10am MST
Zoom event (invite sent immediately )


$129 $97

Includes the Oils kit for class, shipped to your door.

What you'll Learn:

Explore the various lenses through which to make aromatherapy blends, from therapeutics, to plant parts, to seasons of the year, chakra energy centers, the 5 Elements and more. This intuitive and fun creative endeavor will serve you for life with healing and joyful essential oil blends.

This class is interactive, and comes with an Oils Kit so we can blend together, live on the call.

Taught by author, certified aromatherapist and owner of Artisan Aromatics Stephanie Ariel.

The Basics Of Blending

Your Oils Kit

Your Oils Kit includes: 

10 Essential Oils, 1.85 ml w/ mini pipettes

  • Flowers: Lavender & Ylang Ylang
  • Woods/Resins: Cypress & Balsam Peru
  • Citrus: Pink Grapefruit & Green Mandarin
  • Seeds/Berries: Fennel & Juniper Berry 
  • Leaves: Eucalyptus & Rosemary

– 1 oz of organic, fractionated coconut (carrier oil)
– 3 cobalt roller ball bottles, 10ml
– 6 Fragrance Strips

– Handbook, “Basics of Blending”

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