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Blend Recipe: Relaxing Clary Bath

Clary Sage blend recipe for adult use.



Mix these essential oils together is a small glass bowl or bottle then add this mixture to one tablespoon of whole milk, cream, or honey and add to a warm bath for a deeply relaxing soak.
Note: People who are allergic to Ragweed or other members of the Asteraceae plant family may also be allergic to Chamomile essential oil.

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2 thoughts on “Blend Recipe: Relaxing Clary Bath”

  1. I am a Registered Aromatherapist and an Aroma Certification Instructor for the School of Aromatic Studies by Jade Shutes, and I want to say this is a wonderful website. I especially like the extra ‘correct’ information that you give on the ‘how to’s’ with the use of essential oils.. Just like the info above regarding the allergies to Ragweed and adding the EO’s to an emulsifier prior to putting them into a bath.
    This is a very thorough website which is why I will continue to use it and order my products from you, which btw…your products are wonderful with all the info one needs to know in order to be confident when buying from you!
    I have been practicing Aromatherapy and I am a nurse for more than 34 years and you are now at the top of my list for purchasing!
    Thank You and Blessings to you!!

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