Custom Blend Design

Custom Blend Design

Let our natural scent experts design your signature scent

Distinguish your event, space or product portfolio with a custom aromatic blend that will leave a lasting positive impression. We are a 100% natural and plant-based shop with decades of experience blending essential oils for aromatic beauty and aromatherapeutic benefits. Contact us for your free consultation.

Wedding Signature

The olfactory nerve and sense of smell are the most primal of all human scents, cementing into our memories, often for a lifetime. Create a timeless scent to diffuse at your wedding and bottle up for your guests as unique favors. 

Themed Scents

Let us design a custom scent for your region, your store, months of the year (great birthday gifts!), Zodiac signs, a loved one’s birthday and more. Whether for personal use or to package up and sell, step 1 is creating a beautiful scent that is a joy to share.

Retail/Corporate Ambiance

Bring your brand’s purpose into the air with a scent that inspires, increases focus, calms, relaxes or whatever mood you want to infuse into your space. We’ll use pure essential oils and their energetic profiles to design a custom scent that you can diffuse, gift, incorporate into products (lotions, body oils, etc) and sell as an aromatherapy blend. 

Contact us for your free consultation! 

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