What is an Enfleurage Pomade?

What IS An Enfleurage Pomade?

In recent years there has been a significant shift in consumers seeking out clean beauty products and natural fragrances, foregoing potentially harmful ingredients that have long been included in popular products on the market.  As a result, natural perfumery has become a modern approach to personal fragrance yet has been in existence for literally centuries. We have resurrected the old world traditional perfume, Enfleurage Pomade, and brought it into the new modern world.

For many, a spray-on perfume has been part of the daily beauty routine of most women.  Yet pomades are an ideal alternative, specifically enfleurage pomades where fresh flowers are used to create an aromatic solid to be used on pulse points on the body for a subtle yet distinctive natural personal fragrance.

History of Enfleurage Pomade

Popularized in France during the 19th century, enfleurage is an extremely rare and labor-intensive technique based on the principle that fats dissolve essential oils infusing their delicate aromas.  Flower petals are soaked in fat or vegetable oil which absorbs the natural floral aromas resulting in a solid form called an enfleurage pomade.

4 Steps of the Enfleurage Process Lilac Enfleurage Pomade

  1. Purified and odorless vegetable fat is spread out over glass plates in a frame called a chassis and is left to set.
  2. Highly fragrant fresh flower petals are then placed on top of the layer of fat. pressed in and allowed to set. The duration of this step in the process lasts anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the flowers that are used and the concentration of fragrance desired.
  3. The petals are replaced, and the process is repeated until the fat reaches the desired aromatic infusion.
  4. The final product is the enfleurage pomade, a beautiful natural perfume.

What is Enfleurage?

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Sourcing Enfleurage Pomades

Enfleurage Pomade Natural PerfumeHere at Artisan Aromatics, we are extremely diligent in our commitment to ethical sourcing of the highest quality natural perfumery products. In the case of our enfleurage pomades, we source these precious offerings right here in the United States specifically from a small farm in upstate New York where the traditional method of enfleurage is carefully utilized ultimately producing a delicate, luxurious pomade.

What Makes Artisan Aromatics Enfleurage Pomades So Unique?

Two of the most popular natural fragrance scents are lilac and jasmine and we have found, what we feel, are the highest quality on the market.  With our Lilac Pomade specifically, blossoms from more than 150 varieties of lilac from our supplier are hand-picked on a small farm and infused in organically grown, sustainable Palm Kernel Oil.  This particular pomade product’s enfleurage process takes over a month to complete achieving a standard that is simply exceptional. Given the utilization of multiple varieties of the lilac flower, this yields a delicate, layered aromatic experience when applied to pulse points on the body.

Hard to resist, right! We invite you to shop Artisan Aromatics Enfleurage Pomades.

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This blog post by Ivan Prim, owner/manager Artisan Aromatics.

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