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What is an Enfleurage Pomade?

What IS An Enfleurage Pomade?

In recent years there has been a significant shift in consumers seeking out clean beauty products and natural fragrances, foregoing potentially harmful ingredients that have long been included in popular products on the market.  As a result, natural perfumery has become a modern approach to personal fragrance yet has been in existence for literally centuries….

Top 4 Essential Oils to Balance 4th Chakra

Top 4 Essential Oils to Help Balance Your 4th Chakra

The word chakra is described as an energy center, a spinning disc or wheel within the body.  There are 7 primary chakras is in the body running vertically along the spine from the base of your sitz bones all the way up to the crown of your head. Keeping these chakras in perfect alignment requires…

Relaxing Essential Oils

Relaxing Essential Oils

Can Essential Oils Help You Relax? Relaxing Essential Oils – there are many essential oils that can help with relaxation but there are three that we really love: True lavender, Bergamot Mint, and Frankincense. We’ve found that each of these oils can promote relaxation and they can become even more effective when blended together. The increased effectiveness of…

Essential Oils for Renewal

Oils for Anxiety

Can Essential Oil Help with Anxiety? There are many essential oils that have been said to aid people dealing with anxiety but there are three that we have personally found to be exceptionally relaxing and soothing, some of which you may not be familiar with. Individually each of these essential oils, Cypress, Lavender and Neroli, have been…

Artisan Aromatics Essential Oils

Wholesale Essential Oils for Your Business

Wholesale Essential Oils for Your Business Best Quality Essential Oils Sourced from Around the World & Bottled in USA Is it time to get wholesale essential oils for your business? We supply the highest quality essential oils to small and medium sized businesses scattered across the US & overseas too. To get started, visit our…

Good Defense Antiviral Essential Oil Blend

Antiviral Essential Oil Blends

Antiviral Essential Oil Blends – Sourced from Around the World & Bottled in USA We’ve created four unique antiviral essential oil blends that we think you’ll love: Good Defense Recover Robbers Safe Travels Good Defense Aromatherapy Blend is our proprietary combination of 100% Pure Essential Oils said by aromatherapists to support your efforts to maintain…

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