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Featured Wholesale Mountain Stream RV Park - Artisan Aromatics

Featured Wholesale client: Mountain Stream RV Park

We’d like to introduce our Featured Wholesaler for April: Mountain Stream RV Park, an RV campground located in Marion, North Carolina, not far from our shop. Their land is nestled in a lush valley of Pisgah Forest, at an elevation of 1800 feet. A peaceful creek runs through the park. At Mountain Stream’s gift shop,…

Featured Wholesale Client - Scents of Wellbeing - Artisan Aromatics

Featured Wholesale client: Scents of Wellbeing

We’d like to introduce our Featured Wholesaler for March: Scents of Wellbeing, the product line of clinical aromatherapist Tami Cummings. She’s got a mission we can get behind: My mission is to educate & empower people to take health into their own hands and to provide high quality essential oils & ready-to-use products that will deliver…

Subtle Effects EOs header

The Subtle Effects of Essential Oils: Are They Real?

Aromatherapists have long claimed that essential oils are able to initiate and support changes in moods and attitudes in ways that can sometimes have transformative effects on people’s lives. These phenomena are sometimes referred to as “subtle effects” or “energetic effects,” and they have received considerable attention from some prominent authors in the fields of…

Featured Wholesale client: Mount Airy Massage & Wellness

We’d like to introduce our newest Featured Wholesale client, Mount Airy Massage and Wellness, located about two hours east of us in Mount Airy, North Carolina. This group of highly-trained practitioners offers a wide variety of therapies, including massage, yoga, skincare and body treatments. They’re a wonderful example of how aromatherapy can be integrated with…

New line-limited edition enfleurage oils

New collection: limited edition enfleurage oils

Many of our customers are perfumers, aromatherapists and aroma fanatics. Anyone who loves fine aroma will appreciate our new, one-of-a-kind, line of limited edition enfleurage oils! Artisanal enfleurage oils made in South America, based on coconut oil Most of our enfleurage oils are produced by our partnering farm in South America. From time to time,…

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