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Sleep Oils

Sleep Oils

Sleep Essential Oils Sleep is one of the fundamental needs of us all. Sleep oils can help. All of our Artisan Aromatics brand essential oils are therapeutic quality – 100% pure & natural. Our Artisan Aromatics brand sleep oils are the absolute best oils available anywhere, carefully sourced from around the world. Not only are…

Marjoram Essential Oil

Marjoram Essential Oil – In-Depth

Know Your Essential Oils: Marjoram Essential Oil In-Depth* You probably know sweet marjoram from its use in cooking and you may have grown this short, bushy perennial in your herb garden. The small white to purplish pink flowers attract hordes of bees and butterflies, making a patch of marjoram a delightful spot to pull up…

Ftd Practitioner September Aromatherapy Factory Artisan Aromatics

September Featured Practitioners: Dr. Tim and Dr. Grace Reischman

This month we’re excited to feature some of our Practitioner customers, two doctors who run an aromatherapy practice! Dr. Tim and Dr. Grace Reischman are retired Chiropractors, educators and active aromatherapists. “We love using the most natural, wildcrafted and organic therapeutic grade essential oils we can find, and we always come back to Artisan Aromatics.”…

Rose Geranium Essential Oil (Rose)

The botany of Rose Geranium and its essential oil

Understanding where your Rose Geranium essential oil comes from can be confusing because Mother nature has created chaos by allowing plants from the various species of Pelargonium to interbreed freely and produce many very similar hybrids. Botanists have increased that chaos by going wild with their naming and renaming of all the species and hybrids…

Wholesaler Fleur 333 Artisan Aromatics

Featured Wholesale client: Fleur 333

Our Featured Wholesaler for May is a high vibrational skincare and beauty line called Fleur 333, founded by Melissa Scanlon. Based in Los Angeles, Melissa uses Artisan Aromatics essential oils to create high quality facial oils and skin toners. We caught up with Melissa and are pleased to share with you what we learned about…

Featured Wholesale Mountain Stream RV Park - Artisan Aromatics

Featured Wholesale client: Mountain Stream RV Park

We’d like to introduce our Featured Wholesaler for April: Mountain Stream RV Park, an RV campground located in Marion, North Carolina, not far from our shop. Their land is nestled in a lush valley of Pisgah Forest, at an elevation of 1800 feet. A peaceful creek runs through the park. At Mountain Stream’s gift shop,…

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