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Featured Wholesale - Free Spirit Delicacies - Artisan Aromatics

Featured Wholesale client: Free Spirit Delicacies

We’re delighted to feature a Wholesale client of ours, FreeSpiritDelicacies, whose product line is a great example of the beautiful creations that can be made with our essential oils. Elise Dixie Jane, owner and Artsy Fartsy CEO of FreeSpiritDelicacies, makes handmade vegan, eco-friendly aromatherapy products like aromatic candles, bath salts, and yoga malas and diffuser…

Sustainably harvested Frankincense resin Mohammed - Artisan Aromatics

Think twice before buying these 3 essential oils

As aromatherapy has increased in popularity, so has demand for essential oils from some of the most unique plants in the world. We believe it’s a true gift to enjoy the aromas of sacred trees like Frankincense and Sandalwood, and we want aromatherapy-lovers to understand just how precious these oils are. Many of them come…

Essential Oils for Summer Artisan Aromatics

Summer Aromatherapy: Essential Oils for the Season of “Fire”

Classical Chinese Medicine deems Summer the season of “Fire,” and maintains that it can increase susceptibility to fiery aggravations of the mind, body and spirit.  Here’s how you can use a holistic approach and essential oils to help avoid some of those  imbalances. Review of Five Element Theory: Last year, I published the first article…

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