Private Label Essential Oils

Imagine your Brand Name & Logo on the highest quality, pure essential oils, aromatherapy blends, hydrosols and more with savings of 40-50% off retail

About Private Labeling Oils (aka White Label Oils)

Artisan Aromatics provides essential oil private labeling using the most pure and natural essential oils available. Most of our essential oil private label customers are in the US, but, worldwide shipping is available. All orders are bottled at our shop in New Mexico, USA and shipped to your location of choice.

Private Label Options:

How Private Label Essential Oils Works

  1. We can create and print labels for you for a one-time fee or you can provide us with your labels.
  2. We then bottle, cap, label and pack your order and ship to you or your destination of choice.
  3. We handle both small orders (100 or so bottles) and larger orders (1,000+). Usually 10ml or 15ml bottles, but other sizes available.
  4. Minimum total for your initial order is $750, with a minimum of $250 for subsequent orders.
  5. It’s that easy! Simply inquire below and you’ll get the information immediately.

Our high quality oils, your branding

Custom Blends & Formulation Design – Private Label customers who want Essential Oil Blends usually choose them from our curated collection of blends and simply give them new names. We welcome collaboration.  If you can imagine it, we have the capability of creating it for you with the caveat that your vision for a formula is natural, plant-based, safe, effective, ethically-sourced & contains no synthetics. Again, all formulation, bottling, labeling and shipping are done in our shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  We steadfastly adhere to a policy of using non-synthetic ingredients. We do not drop ship, but will ship to your destination of choice.

Due to our quality products and ethical sourcing standards, we offer only superior Essential Oils. For this reason, we may not be the least expensive yet we are unsurpassed in quality; providing you with the utmost confidence in the products that you offer to your client base.

Quality & Purity First

Our top priority is quality. Cheap essential oils are often of low-quality and diluted or mixed with synthetic oils or fragrances, sometimes doing more harm than good. We personally select each essential oil in our inventory of over 180 essential oils to insure that we provide our customers with only the best quality possible. And, at the same time, we try to keep our prices as reasonable as possible while still maintaining the highest standards. For Essential Oil Private Labeling, your prices will be wholesale (40% off) our retail prices, and 50% off for orders over $2k net.

More Info on Essential Oil Private Labeling

Bottles We Use

Our standard bottles for Essential Oil Private Labeling include:

  • Essential Oil Bottles: Amber Glass – 5ml, 10mL, 15 mL & 1oz
  • Body Oil Bottles: Recyclable Aluminum – 4 oz & 8 oz
  • All 5ml to 1oz glass essential oil bottles include black caps (Euro-dropper, tamper evident 5-30ml), with white tops available by request 
  • For custom bottles or sizes, contact us. Typically the customer will purchase and ship to us.

Your Labels

3 ways to get started:

  1. Design your own labels, have them printed and send them to us.
  2. Design your own labels, send us your artwork (JPG, EPS, PNG or PDF), and we will print and apply the labels.
  3. We design and print your labels.
    • If you do not yet have a label design, we will set up your label using your provided logo for $250.
    • Our labels are printed on white high gloss water and oil-proof label stock.
    • We offer two label sizes: 32mm x 85mm (1.25″ x 3.35″) for 15ml and larger bottles, and 25mm x 70mm (1″ x 2.75″) for 5ml and 10 ml roller ball bottles.
    • Your account specialist will send you guidelines for designing your label. We’ll walk you through the whole process!

Note: We only use oil and waterproof labels with white background for printing labels for our private label customers. If you need a colored background, have your labels custom printed by a professional label printing company and shipped to us.

Essential Oil Blends

We bottle pure essential oils or “ready-to-use” essential oil blends that have been diluted to the proper percentages. You can select blends from our offerings, and rename them to suit your brand. We can also make blends using your formulas, as long as they meet our safety guidelines. If you would like us to create your blend formula, refer to our Formulation Design section.

How soon will I get my oils?

From the approval/receipt of your artwork, the process generally takes 2-4 weeks to complete, with reorders fulfilled in 1-2 weeks. If your order is larger (1,000 items or more), we’ll work out the lead time with you when you order.


As a small, boutique supplier, we are unable to give free samples until you’ve placed your order, but low-cost sample vials are available to familiarize yourself with the high quality of our oils and explore the variety of scents and blends we offer. To see our label quality, order a full size product in the packaging you intend for your private label project.


Private Labeling orders are marked down 40% from retail for most items on orders up to $2k net. Orders over $2k net receive a 50% discount on most items.. The discount for very expensive essential oils, kits and enfleurage is 25%, since our margin is much smaller on these items.

Private Label pricing includes oils, bottles, labels, caps and labor. If you provide your own bottles we will credit $0.50 per item; supplying your own labels does not impact our pricing.

Packing & Shipping

We pack per customer requirements. Additional fees may apply for putting individual bottles in bags, boxes or other containers. We can ship to you, your store, Amazon or any other destination. All shipping fees are additional. We charge exactly what the shipping provider charges us – no handling or convenience fees. We are located in New Mexico and ship anywhere in the US and worldwide.

Drop Shipping

All private label orders must be shipped to one location; we do not drop-ship.


Some of our customers sell the products that we create for them on Amazon. But, this is EXTREMELY difficult to do UNLESS, you are already selling other products on Amazon. If your goal is to sell essential oils on Amazon, contact the folks at Amazon FIRST and make sure that you can sell your product on Amazon and also find out all the details that you need to pass on to us, like special label requirements, bar codes, special packing requirements, etc. We will ONLY ship to Amazon if you have already set up an account with then and know their requirements. Otherwise, we ship to you.

How do I get started?

To get started, fill out the contact form above, telling us the details of your project – what oils or blends, what bottles, what quantity, whether you have a label designed, and your ideal timeline. We’ll be in touch shortly with additional questions and information!

*Private Label customers qualify for 40-50% off our retail prices for all but our most expensive and/or rare essential oils and enfleurage, which are not part of the program.

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