Essential Oils for New Year's Resolutions

Essential Oils for New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

It’s safe to say that 2021 was a challenge for many.  The pandemic maintained its stronghold on the population, the masses were divided on perspectives and opinions and so many continue to juggle the new remote office dynamic while managing their families.  It’s been A LOT! Maybe its time for essential oils for New Year’s resolutions. 

So, what better way to ring in the new year but with some fresh energy and focused intentions.  Setting goals and committing to change takes some serious effort and consistency to see results and those who tend to stick with it, do so in a ritualistic fashion; each day setting time aside and using tools of their choice as part of their wellness program.

We here at Artisan Aromatics have been in the aromatherapy business for quite some time and as a result, have seen the annual spike in customer favorites to prep for the new year ahead.  We’ve made a list below in hopes that they individually and collectively would serve as great additions to your personal goal achievement toolbox.


Palo Santo Essential Oil
Pure Palo Santo Essential Oil

An important element of starting fresh is adopting an ‘out with the old’ mindset.  Clearing your space of energy that no longer serves you is an integral element to creating the room for positive, new things to manifest.  You need to create that proverbial space and ‘cleansing’ your room or sanctuary with essential oils are a great way to start.  Diffusing Palo Santo is a big favorite all year-round but especially at the start of the new year. 

In South American history, Palo Santo is said to remove negative energy and obstacles opening the way to attract good fortune.  We recommend establishing a comfortable space for meditation, adding a few drops of Palo Santo Essential Oil to an electric diffuser and sitting quietly with the intention of clarity in your goals ahead.  At the close of each year venturing into a new one, it’s completely normal to have past thoughts and reflections intermingle with desires for what’s ahead.  Simply, allow those outdated thoughts to wash through your mind and focus on what you wish to manifest in the future.  When using essential oils to focus, be as specific as possible when asking the Universe for the blessings that you desire.


Chakra Oil Collection
Chakra Oils

There are 7 main chakras (discs of energy) that run along the base of the spine up to the crown of the head.  The root chakra is specifically associated with grounding and stability and therefore, an ideal focus for healing and alignment not only throughout the whole year but especially at the start of a new one; establishing a healthy jump-off point, if you will. We hope that you will find this Chakra blend useful in your quest for focusing on you resolutions for the new year.

Artisan Aromatics’ Root Chakra Oil Collection was carefully developed by our Clinical Aromatherapists resulting in a lovely, balanced formula of Cedarwood, Myrrh and Vetiver Essential Oils.  This proprietary aromatherapy blend is available in 3 forms: 100% pure essential oil blend, portable roll-on and handy inhaler.


It’s completely normal to feel both anxious and excited about the new year ahead and in order to have clarity in our thoughts to establish real goals, we must be relaxed.

Artisan Aromatics’ Relax Aromatherapy Blend is a unique combination of essential oils reported to evoke a sense of calm and ease of mind.  Lovely aromas of Bergamot, Cedarwood Atlas and Jasmine Absolut make up this holistic product for those looking to keep a racing mind at bay. When we’re anxious our thoughts can ‘run wild’ and interfere with setting clear intentions.  Being calm and relaxed is simply a necessity.  Whether you carry the roll-on version with you each day or diffuse the pure blend in an electric diffuser as needed, we feel it’s a great resource to have on hand all year round to maintain consistency. Make this part of your essential oils for new year’s resolutions.


Robbers Essential Oil Blend
Robbers Aromatherapy Blend

Based on traditional formulas, Artisan Aromatics’ Robber’s Blend  is a combination of pure essential oils that were reportedly used during the Middle Ages by those who believed that they were provide protection.

So, how do this apply to New Year’s Resolutions?  If we don’t feel safe and secure, we are unable to have true clarity and a clear path to our goals.  We’re essentially affected by fear which can be the biggest hinderance when it comes to goal achievement.

Robber’s Blend is one of our top sellers for those looking for stability and a sense of ‘being ok’.  It’s a must in your home aromatherapy kit and an ideal aromatherapy product when the energy of others can dominate our own thoughts and feelings.


Energy Body Oil
Artisan Aromatics Energy Body Oil

Artisan Aromatics’ proprietary ENERGY Body Oil is wonderful to use in the shower each morning as a body hydrator.  While skin is still damp, simply apply and towel dry. This clean, herbal formula made up of Frankincense, Eucalyptus Radiata and Rosemary Essential Oils provide a motivating start to your day while the base (carrier oil) provides nourishing hydration to the physical body.

o, set the stage for goal achievement by creating a tool kit of wellness products designed to provide you with relaxation, energy clearing, protection, and energy.  You’ll be well on your way to realizing those New Year’s Resolutions!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this brief article on essential oils for new year’s resolutions. If you did, please give us a “like“. 

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