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Featured Wholesale Client - Scents of Wellbeing - Artisan Aromatics

Featured Wholesale client: Scents of Wellbeing

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We’d like to introduce our Featured Wholesaler for March: Scents of Wellbeing, the product line of clinical aromatherapist Tami Cummings. She’s got a mission we can get behind:

My mission is to educate & empower people to take health into their own hands and to provide high quality essential oils & ready-to-use products that will deliver the desired results with maximum efficiency. Nature provides many great healing modalities. When essential oils are used correctly, with proper safety education, one can practice safe, non-toxic self care that can benefit the entire household. My goal is to help individuals feel better- physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What’s your retail space like?

My storefront is inside a health & yoga lounge, which provides many complimentary means of wellness, such as whole-food smoothies & juices, yoga of all styles, professional massage, Reiki, chiropractic & nutritional therapy. It is great to be surrounded by well-intended, like-minded individuals promoting holistic health.

How has your clinical practice as an aromatherapist informed this product line?

I have been practicing clinical aromatherapy for 15 years off & on, providing customized blends & educating individuals on how to use their blends for healing. After developing countless recipes, conducting many case studies & actively listening to the needs of individuals, I have taken my business to the next level by selling online and opening a retail space near my home in Burlington, Washington. I now offer a large variety of fresh, handmade, ready-to-use, natural products, as well as synergies, essential oils, hydrosols, diffusers & aromatherapy jewelry. I still offer consultations and always encourage my customers to consider that they are each unique individuals who should listen to their own bodies for direction when choosing their blends.

With the growing popularity of essential oils, I have been inspired to also offer classes to my community, educating them on safety, quality testing, DIY blending methods, and answer any questions or clear misconceptions they may have. I believe quality comes before price, and my essential oils must maintain the same integrity that I stand for, which is why I am proud to partner with Artisan Aromatics. Without the high quality, I would not see such great results with my clients & customers.

What do you look for in a supplier of essential oils?

One of the things I look for when choosing a supplier is if they source with sustainability and seek small batch distillers. I believe small farms are able to provide a higher quality plant and don’t easily overlook important factors or cut corners. It is important to me that the plant is grown either organic or unsprayed/untreated. I believe the energy of a plant can be carried in the essential oil, and so affects the healing capability if the oil produced. This is why I blend each and every product with the intentions of health & abundance. I feel that doing this maintains that positive energy I strive to provide to every customer. I find that even the most biased essential oil users are noticing my essential oils provide more beneficial results than the mainstream oils. This is the kind of awareness I strive to achieve.

Learn more about Scents of Wellbeing here.

Would you like to buy our essential oils Wholesale and make your own product line, or use our aromatherapy supplies in your Health and Wellness Practice? We hope this inspires you to set up a Wholesale account with us so you can supply your practice and clients at a lower cost to you, with the highest quality essential oils that can be found. If you’re interested in selling our essential oils in your practice learn more about our Wholesale discounts here.


Picture of Alexandra Mills

Alexandra Mills

Yoga instructor and aromatherapy enthusiast based in Asheville, NC.

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