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5 Reasons to Make Your Own Perfume for Gifts this Holiday

Are you searching for the perfect crafty project that will yield unique, thoughtful gifts for the holidays? Have you always wanted to make your own perfume?

Here are 5 reasons to blend custom perfumes for gifts this holiday season:

  1. It’s unique – Your perfume blend is truly your own concoction! You can even customize each bottle to your loved ones’ particular tastes. Is your aunt wild about Geranium? Is your Uncle tired of Old Spice? Custom perfumes make thoughtful gifts that people cherish. 
  2. It’s organic – Most perfumes sold in stores are composed of synthetic fragrance chemicals derived from petroleum and natural gas. These petrochemicals, which include things like phthalates and parabens, can irritate the skin and are absorbed into the blood where they can accumulate in organs and tissues, disrupt hormones and potentially trigger a host of undesirable reactions. The perfumes you make with our DIY Perfume Kit are completely natural and contain no petrochemicals. You can breathe easy knowing we are committed to sourcing our oils from environmentally and socially responsible producers.
  3. It’s aromatherapy – Not only do these perfumes smell like a dream, they also bear the aromatherapeutic effects of each essential oil. Does your teenager need a pick-me-up to keep them alert for their morning classes? A perfume based on Citrus and Rosemary can invigorate and uplift. Could your mother-in-law use “a chill pill?” Try a perfume based on Lavender.
  4. It’s a fun & easy project – You can brew your custom aroma in less than an hour. Set up your blending lab in the living room and inhale as the house fills with fragrance. Let your blend cure for a week, and voila! Bottle and gift them with love. Stay tuned for our helpful infographic on crafting your own perfume.
  5. It’s affordable – For the price of a single store bought perfume, you can make 6 of your own custom handcrafted perfumes.
 DIY Perfume Kit - Holiday Special - Artisan Aromatics - Gifts

Our DIY Perfume Kit is now available at the discounted price of $175 until December 31st! The kit includes all the supplies you’ll need to blend 6 bottles of custom perfume, with plenty of essential oils left over for your next project.


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2 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Make Your Own Perfume for Gifts this Holiday”

  1. Hello Virginia,

    I’m glad to hear of your interest in the DIY Perfume Kit. We have just made it available to order on our shop. With 14 essential oils and perfume-making supplies, it packs an incredible value, so we cannot offer it for free. However, if you order it now through December 31st, you can get it for our discount price of $99.95, saving you $25 off it’s regular price. We hope you’ll consider this amazing deal to get you started on blending perfumes!

    Warm wishes,
    Lexi M

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