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Pink Lotus Absolute

Divine Vibrations with Pink Lotus Absolute

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Pink Lotus Absolute (Nelumbo nucifera) is a rare and exotic essential oil associated with beauty and purity. Its complex aroma is quite divine emitting .a sweet, earthy, floral aroma with a spicy green top note and honey undertones. The Divine Vibrations with Pink Lotus Absolute are absolutely amazing.

The History of Pink Lotus Essential Oil in Spirituality

Sourced in India, Pink Lotus Absolute is often referred to as a ‘supreme’ plant given its alternating life beneath and above water where it reaches its fullest expression of beauty.  It is analogous with rising about human suffering, overcoming negative energies and influences by moving from the lowest to the highest state of consciousness.

“Much like the lotus seed, we may often feel stuck in the muck of labels and separateness.  Then by chance, we may receive a little wisdom.  Maybe on an off day, we hear some simple wisdom that cracks open the tough shell of the little lotus seed.  From there, we move through the distorting water of our limited understanding and reach for the light of wisdom, which is always shining on us, if only we would take the time to notice it…[Lotuses] know that to bloom is their ultimate goal and that it’s worth continuously reaching through the distortion to find the ultimate source of light.  The struggle is part of the process, and the result is pure beauty.”

~ Myths of the Asanas by Kaivalya & van see Kooij


Pink Lotus is extracted from the gorgeous, aquatic lotus plant which grows even in the murkiest of waters sending forth a stunning flower that blooms and floats on the surface of the water.  It has historically been revered in India as a plant that embodies the essence of the spiritual quest, beneficial to the mind, body and spirit connecting with purity and divinity while often used to cleanse and refresh one’s karma.

The Pink Lotus was introduced in Egypt late in the civilization from India and it has been reported that Pink Lotus Absolute was used by ancient Egyptians in temples to assist in guiding kings and priests to higher spiritual levels.

The Association of Pink Lotus and the Crown Chakra

Pink Lotus is considered a divine symbol in Hindu religion and believed to help connect to divine knowledge.  Pink Lotus Oil represents letting go of material things, the ‘chatter’ of our daily lives and connecting with our divine source, our authentic source. The Divine Vibrations with Pink Lotus Absolute are absolutely amazing.

In ‘New-Age’ communities, meditation centers and prayer houses, Pink Lotus Absolute has been associated with peace and tranquility and many incorporate this oil as an aid to meditation via inhalation or through dilution in a spray to achieve a deeper level of enlightenment and understanding. The divine vibrations with pink lotus absolute are absolutely amazing. When the oil is used in conjunction with a meditation practice, some report going deeper into a state of peace and calm.

Using Pink Lotus Absolute in Natural Perfumery

Pink Lotus Absolute is produced from solvent extraction from flowers of Nelumbo nucifera plants that are hand-picked from ‘managed’ ponds. They are harvested year-round; however, the highest production is February through April annually.

Its principal constituents are Alkanes & Alkenes, Cayophyllene oxide, 1,4-Dimethoxybenzene, b-Caryophyllene, Limonene, a-Cadinol, and d-Cadinol.

Pink Lotus Absolute has long been associated with sacredness and infusing its essence into a custom botanical blend through a thoughtful, artisanal approach can evoke a sense of uniqueness, complexity, and luxury.  Some would even say regal and elegant. Pink Lotus Absolute is used primarily in natural perfumery due to being a solvent-extracted oil and therefore, is not considered appropriate for use in aromatherapy. The aroma of Pink Lotus Absolute is somewhat like that of White Lotus however much softer, sweeter, and more refined. Pink Lotus is considered the rarest of the Lotus family of oils. As with all Absolute Oils, this one is highly concentrated and potent and therefore, a very little goes a very long way.

Pink Lotus Absolute is considered a middle note and we feel it blends well with quite a few essential oils including:

Sourcing Pink Lotus Oil

When using essential oils, it is imperative that you choose only the highest-quality products.  As with all essential oils, there are a lot of synthetic or synthetic-infused imitations on the market. Pink Lotus Absolute Pink Lotus Absolute is, as we mentioned, exceptionally rare and revered and pricing of this authentic oil is applied accordingly with trusted sources.  Here at Artisan Aromatics, we are pleased to provide the highest quality, pure Pink Lotus Absolute from India. A little of this oil goes a long way.

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