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Private Label Oil Company Checklist

Private Label Oil Company – Choose the Best

When you put your brand name on essential oils or on any product, make sure that the quality of the product is the very best – something that you will be proud to display and to sell to your customers.

Choosing the Best Private Label Oils is the first step to ensuring that you and your customers with be happy with your products. Essential Oil quality varies greatly and the quality of most oils sold in the USA can be rated as poor. So, it is important for you to choose wisely when shopping for the best company to do this important job for you. Choosing to use cheap oils, mass produced oils or oils bottled in China oils are all bad ideas. If you do decide to settle for the cheapest private label oils, your customers might like the price but, they will be complaining, and they won’t be reordering. Choose the right private label oil company and both you and your customers will be happy.

In order to get the best private label oils, you need to choose the best private label oil company. Choose an essential oil company that has been in the business for years and one that cares about the quality of the essential oils that they will be bottling for you. This will also ensure that the private label oil company will be there for you when you need to reorder. The private label oil company that you choose should also be based in the USA, have a good reputation, and should also be flexible enough to work with you for special request or special bottling requirements.

Other factors that you should consider include the private label oil company’s minimum order requirements and their maximum oil production capacity. Some private label companies can produce label for you and others require you to provide labels for them that meet their specifications for the bottles. The task of creating your own line of essential oils or essential oil products is complicated so you should expect to spend some time doing research to choose the right company and even more time choosing your labels, bottles, oils and blends.

Checklist for choosing the best Essential Oil Company to do Private Labeling for you:

    • Quality Oils
    • Years of Experience
    • Based in USA
    • Low Minimum / High Maximums
    • Flexible (allows you to choose oils, bottle sizes & colors)
    • Knowledgeable (able to give you advice on which oils sell best)
    • Reliable
    • Reachable (offers you a dedicated contact person)
    • Creative (can create and print labels or can use labels printed elsewhere)
    • Offers a Variety of Oil Blends (relaxing, energizing, etc.)

Which company can offer you the best private labeling experience?

Artisan Aromatics Essential OilsChoose Artisan Aromatics Essential Oils for the best quality oils.

Here’s a link to their Private Labeling page that provides all the details.

But, if you just want something / anything with your brand and logo on it at the cheapest price and the quality of the product doesn’t really matter to you then just go to on Amazon and enter “Essential Oils” to see a huge variety of cheap low quality oils.

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