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Enjoy the benefits of diffusing Essential Oils in your home or office. Artisan Aromatics offers many kinds of ultrasonic diffusers, fan diffusers, tea candle diffusers, inhalers and more.

The ultrasonic method is one of the best ways of essential oil diffusion. There is no heating of the Aromatherapy Oils / Essential Oils. In this aromatherapy diffuser, ultrasonic methods are used to change the aromatherapy oils to very fine particles, producing a fine mist using high frequency vibration. The mist is spread throughout the room. Heat, chemicals or pumps are not necessary –  safe, quiet, and efficient aromatherapy diffuser.

Usage of Diffusers

Aromatherapy Diffusers like the AromaSens Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Nebulizer diffuser are a great way to easily enjoy the benefits of essential oils. After adding water and a few drops of pure essential oils to the AromaSens tank, turn it on, sit back and relax. Initially the aroma from the aromatherapy diffuser may not be very strong. But, it should build slowly over a 5-10 minute period.

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