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Artisan Aromatics Inhaler Travel Pack | Aromatherapy Inhaler Relax Set

Aromatherapy Inhaler Relax Set

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Aromatherapy Kits for Aromatherapy Students

Aromatherapy Kits developed for The Aromatherapy School | Available to All

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Roll-On Collection in Gift Box

Aromatherapy Roll-On Collections

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DIY Perfume Kit - Holiday Special - Artisan Aromatics - Gifts

DIY Perfume Kit

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Essential Oil Sample Vials - Artisan Aromatics

Essential Oil Sample Vials

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Lavender Essential Oil Kit - Artisan Aromatics

Lavender Essential Oil Sample Kit

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Professional Aromatherapy Starter Kit from Artisan Aromatics

Professional Aromatherapy Starter Kit with 4 pg. Guide

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Essential Oil Kits

We’ve put together great selections of our 100% Pure & Natural Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils – all bottled by hand in USA. Choose the Essential Oil Kit that works best for you. Note that all of the Essential Oils in these Essential Oil Kits are therapeutic quality – no synthetics or adulterants or low quality oils here.

We have a great Natural Perfume Making Kit, a Professional Aromatherapy Starter Kit, a Lavender Essential Oil Kit that contains six different Lavender Essential Oil and many more. Some of our Essential Oil Kits are designed specifically for students of The Highlands School of Natural Healing Level I, Level II, and Level III courses and the Aromatherapy School. They’re also great for amateur aromatherapists, natural perfumers and essential oil enthusiasts!

More Aromatherapy Kits coming soon.

Would you like to see another Essential Oil Kit? Just drop us a note and tell us what you would like.