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Enfleurage Oils

Our rare and unique Enfleurage Oils are produced exclusively for us by a small artisan operation in South America on their certified organic flower farm. Our exquisite Lilac Oil is extracted from organically grown flowers by a wonderful woman in North America who is growing several species of lilac. Our Enfleurage Oils are, in our opinion, the ultimate aromatic indulgence and are sought after by professional natural perfumers around the world for use in high-end products.

The Enfleurage technique is costly because the extraction process is very labor-intensive and many flowers are required but if you love the rare and exotic and beautiful floral aromas, don’t let the price deter you; it’s easy to make you own roll-on perfumes and in these applications a few drops go a long way for many of these selections.  We will also be offering single-note roll-on perfumes made from some of  these oils soon in order to be able to share these rare scents with a wider range of our customers.  Please note that some of oils produced by enfleurage have more subtle aromas than others and are primarily used to modify and enhance the aromas of other oils in a perfume composition: read our product descriptions for advice on which ones can be effective as single-note perfumes if this is how you want to use them.

We cannot over-emphasize that these oils are some of the rarest aromatics in the world and are produced in limited quantities so get them when they’re available.  Because of their extremely limited supply, Enfleurage Oils cannot be returned for a refund and so we recommend purchasing small samples first.

About The Enfleurage Process

Enfleurage is an old, traditional technique used for extracting essential oils from the most delicate flowers. All of our organic Enfleurage Oils are produced for us by organic growers using a modern variation of the old technique. Organic oils produced by Enfleurage are quite rare since the process is very labor intensive and requires the collection of thousands of pounds of delicate flower petals to produce just a few ounces of essential oil.

The oils extracted by enfleurage are very similar to essential oils and contain mostly the same constituents but since they are not extracted by steam distillation they are technically considered absolutes rather than essential oils. However, oils produced by Enfleurage are quite different from commercially produced absolutes, which are extracted using harsh chemical solvents such as hexane. Even worse are fragrance oils which are completely synthetic, containing no natural components at all. Enfleurage oils, on the other hand, are completely natural and are some of the most pure and fragrant aromatics in the world.

Learn more in Dr. Joie Power’s article “What Are Enfleurage Essential Oils?What is Enfleurage Essential Oil?

Here at Artisan Aromatics, we work closely with our small-scale producer in South America who produces our Enfleurage Oils of Frangipani, Jasmine, Gardenia, LilyRoseTuberose & more. By using all local products, he helps to support the local economy and small farmers and gives employment to indigenous residents.

Update: Our producer in South America has begun making batches of our Enfleurage Oils using pure Organic Coconut Oil, rather than Organic Palm Oil. The result is very special – pure flower aroma without the hint of the somewhat earthy undertone of Palm Oil: our Limited Edition Enfleurage Oils. 

Perfumers: keep in mind that if you sell the perfumes you make with our essential oils, you are eligible for Bulk and/or Practitioner discounts! Contact to discuss options and set up an account with us.

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