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Gwendolyn's Aromatherapy ProductsGwendolyn’s Aromatherapy Products

Special aromatherapy items created just for Gwendolyn’s people: followers of Gwendolyn and/or The Wild Lotus Band. Try her Flower Waters, Aromatherapy Inhalers and her special Yoga mat spray, Yogi Bearable™.

Who is Gwendolyn?

Gwendolyn is a musician, yogi, mystic and a close friend of Ivan & Joie at Artisan Aromatics. Gwendolyn travels the world with her band and has a large following, many of whom practice yoga. Recently, Gwendolyn has collaborated with us here at Artisan Aromatics to produce a line of “Be Natural” products under the Bad-Yogi brand. Eventually these products will be on Gwendolyn’s own website but for now, you can help support her important work by buying them here and, of course, we’d love you you to support us too by buying some  of our Artisan Aromatics Pure Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Blends & more.

To find out why we are the best source for pure essential oils, please check out our very real Reviews.

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