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Aromatherapy Roll-Ons

All Natural Essential Oils and Blends in Roller Bottles | Ready-to-Use | Great Gifts

Essential Oil Roll-Ons allow us to dilute our Artisan Aromatics Essential Oils for direct use on the skin. You will find them to be super easy to use. You just remove the cap, invert and roll onto your skin. Roll-ons offer you ease of use and because they are “ready-to-use”.  These Aromatherapy Rollers also make great gifts. Give these Aromatherapy Roller Bottles to friends and family who may not know as much about the use of essential oils as you.

We create and bottle all of these Essential Oil Roll-Ons at our shop in North Carolina USA. Our Clinical Aromatherapy Consultant, Dr. Joie Power, formulated all of the blends used by Artisan Aromatics.

Caution: But, of course, as with anything new that is applied to the skin, you should test in a small spot to make sure that it is right for you before applying to larger area.