Arnica Oil

(Arnica montana)


Our Arnica Oil is infused in Sunflower Oil at a ratio of 5/1. Infused Arnica Oil has traditionally been used in massages to help relieve sprains and bruises. Our fine Arnica Oil is imported from the United Kingdom.


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Botanical NameOriginCultivationMethod of ExtractionSourceNoteBlends Well With
Arnica montanaU.K.ConventionalInfusion

Arnica Oil

Arnica Oil is an herbal oil , not an essential oil, and is made by infusing the flowers of  the plant Arnica montana in sunflower oil at a ratio of 5/1. The genus name, Arnica, is thought to come from the Greek “arni” which means “lamb” and is a reference to the soft, hairy leaves of the plant.

Arnica is also known as Mountain Tobacco, Leopard’s bane and Wolfsbane. Infused Arnica Oil has been reported in herbal lore to be  helpful in rubs and massages to relieve routine sprains and bruises and is sometimes used by those who participate in sports.


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