AromaPearl Aromatherapy Diffuser Fan


Our Aroma Fan Diffuser Two Speed aromatherapy fan diffuser is quiet but able to diffuse the aroma of essential oils throughout a small room. Uses 2 AA batteries (not included) or plug into outlet with optional adaptor.

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AromaPearl Aromatherapy Diffuser Fan

This AromaPearl Essential Oil Fan Diffuser Two Speed Battery operated aromatherapy fan diffuser is very quiet but able to diffuse the aroma of essential oils throughout a small room.


Add a few drops of essential oil to the replaceable pad in this convenient diffuser which folds flat for travel. Use a few drops of Lavender to relax or Peppermint to help keep you alert or one of our fine Enfleurage florals like Gardenia, Jasmine Lily, Rose or Tuberose essential oils.

One neat feature of this diffuser is that it is “hangable” – you can hang it on the wall sort of like a picture. Just make sure that this aroma fan extends out from the wall 1/4″ or more.

AC Adapter optional

Our Gardenia, Tuberose or Lavender would be just perfect and all have lovely aromas. Tuberose Essential Oil is also known for boosting the libido and is a great aphrodisiac.

AromaPearl Essential Oil Diffuser Fan Description:

Aromatherapy BPA-free and ecofriendly waterless essential oil diffuser perfect for bedroom, children’s room, kitchen, office, and ideal use in multiple rooms. Travel Friendly design. Great Gift Idea for both home & Office.

5 unscented refill pads are included. Uses no heat and will not alter the aroma of your oils. Can be used with your favorite natural essential oil. 

Great for Travel. The AromaPearl Fan Diffuser is a portable and using 2 AA batteries (not included) or with an optional adapter. Simply add 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oils to one of the pads included and enjoy.

In addition to the AromaPearl, we offer several other types of Essential Oil Diffusers.

Wiki has more info on Aromatherapy including the types of diffusers: Aromatherapy.

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