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Exclusive Aromatherapy Roll-On Blends created by Artisan Aromatics. Each Aromatherapy Roll-On is Ready-to-Use. Just remove the cap, invert and roll-on. Simple to use, no blending or dilution needed. Enjoy!


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Each of these Roll-On bottles contain one of our exclusive Aromatherapy Blends formulated by our clinical aromatherapy consultant, Dr. Joie Power. The Essential Oil Blend in each of these Roll-On bottles has been diluted in Jojoba to the correct proportions for direct use on the skin.

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(Links below take you to the web page of each Essential Oil blend NOT ROLL-ON – this is TEMPORARY):

These Roll-On bottles are amber glass with a steel roller ball and a black cap.

The great thing is that Roll-Ons allow us to dilute our Artisan Aromatics Essential Oils and Artisan Aromatics Aromatherapy Blends so that they can be used correctly on the skin. Ready-to-use Roll-Ons offer you ease of use and because they are “ready-to-use”.  Each Aromatherapy Roll-On makes a great gifts. You can give a  Roll-On to friends and family who may not know as much about aromatherapy and the use of essential oils as you do.

Caution: But, of course, as with anything new that is applied to the skin, test in a small spot to make sure that it is right for you before applying to larger area.


Body Bliss, Calm & Balanced, Easy Going, Energy, EZ-Queasy, EZ-Queasy+, Good Sleep, Joint, Let it Go, Noggin Relief, Patience, Peace, Recover, Relax, Safe & Secure, Self Esteem | Confidence, Sleepy Time, Uplifting


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