Aromatherapy Art Glass Perfume Pendant

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This charming glass aromatherapy pendant is also a wearable perfume dabber. This hand-made glass perfume pendant makes a great gift, and is wonderful way to integrate aromatherapy into your daily life.


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Aromatherapy Art Glass Perfume Pendant – Handmade

You’ll love this great Aromatherapy Art Glass Perfume Pendant – hand-made by local Asheville NC glass artist.

Ancient Etruscan Perfume Pendant – The Bulla, from Italy.

We cannot recommend these enough for aromatherapy and perfume lovers! Fill this charming glass aromatherapy pendant with your favorite carrier oil and essential oil or blend of essential oils (not to mention any small trinkets like tiny crystals that you’d like to wear around your neck).

We wanted a 21st century version of the bulla, so we commissioned local Asheville glass artist Loura Kumara to make these beautiful glass perfume pendants.

As far as we know, the first aromatherapy jewelry in recorded history was the bulla, a decorative pendant worn by the Etruscans in the 5th century BC. This vessel was worn both as a perfume dabber and an amulet, often filled with labdanum, a perfume substance, and oils infused with aromatic herbs and magical properties like protection spells.

How to use this Glass Aromatherapy Perfume Pendant

We recommend using this pendant as a perfume dabber. Simply fill the chamber with an essential oil or blend that has been pre-diluted to a safe concentration in a carrier oil, like our Massage base oil, then secure the cork and the pendant is ready to wear. You can uncork and dab the perfume oil onto your neck, wrists and temples throughout your day. This is a wonderful way to experience the benefits of your chosen essential oil or blend, especially if you’re  interested in working with a specific aroma consistently.

Which Oil to use?

Stumped on which oil to use in your perfume pendant? Many people find that robust scents like vetiver, patchouli and frankincense are full-bodied enough to wear as a single note perfume. Our enfleurage oils and absolutes make wonderful perfumes on their own, and you can also choose from our selection of pre-made essential oil blends. Or, do as the ancient Etruscans did and make your own magical potion to wear for power or protection. Just make sure that any essential oils you place on your skin have been properly diluted in a carrier oil. Of course, if you just want to inhale from the pendant and won’t be putting its contents on your skin, you can simply fill it with pure essential oils.

To learn more about diluting essential oils for topical usage, check out this article and infographic by Dr. Joie Power.

To clean your pendant, rinse out with alcohol a couple of times and allow it to dry before filling with a new scent.




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  1. tunghoangthanh_2000 (verified owner)

    This charming glass aromatherapy pendant is very nice. I’ve just bought 1 and 02 more. It looks nicer than it’s photo on web.

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