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As curious as it may seem, our Clear Jojoba Oil is not actually an “oil” at all. It is an all natural wax – better for the skin that oils that are fragile and oxidize. Jojoba Oil, Clear looks and pours just like an oil.


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Clear Jojoba Oil

Description and Uses: Did you know that our Clear Jojoba Oil is not actually an “oil” at all. Oils contain triglycerides, which are fragile and oxidize eventually turning rancid. Jojoba Oil, clear is a liquid wax ester, much like the esters humans produce in their skin, and does not turn rancid. Jojoba Oil, Clear goes through an additional filtering process to remove the golden color of “regular” jojoba. Liquid jojoba wax has an indefinite shelf life. Our Jojoba Oil is pesticide free and(Simmondsia chinensis) may look like any other oil but after application of jojoba to the skin, it becomes quickly apparent that you are working with something highly unique. Jojoba absorbs into the skin and leaves the skin feeling very soft and smooth, almost silky to the touch, and definitely not oily or greasy.

The only negative to using either our jojoba oil or our “regular” jojoba oils is that both have a slightly orange color and both of these “oils” are difficult to was out of sheets after massage. It works best to wash sheets right away and not let them sit. That is why we now offer this clear alternative as well as a clear Organic Jojoba too.

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Jojoba oil, clear softens and conditions the skin, the scalp, and the hair, the term for this is emollient. For skin care, it seems to make little sense to put an actual oil onto the skin. Oils oxidize, releasing free radicals, which can actually promote aging. Pure jojoba oil does not oxidize and can actually help the skin maintain itself. Also, unlike oils, pure jojoba is non-allergenic and does not clog pores.

Some may use the term jojoba oil instead of jojoba wax but the terms are used to mean the same thing even though “oil” is a misnomer and in reality, there is no such thing as “jojoba oil”. I know, it looks like an oil, it walks like an oil, it quacks like an oil but is is NOT an oil. Jojoba is a WAX.

More Info: With jojoba, “less is better” and only a few drops of jojoba should be used at a time until you are fully familiar with the way it works on your skin. To try it out, just place a small drop of Jojoba on the back of your hand. Massage the jojoba was in. Notice that the jojoba spreads easily and absorbs readily. You want the jojoba to absorb because that is how it works best by softening and conditioning the skin.

Why our regular Jojoba instead of our Organic Jojoba?

Both are great with no detectable difference if feel, color or aroma. Our Jojoba Oil is pesticide free and grown organically, but is not “certified”. Also each plant is give a small does of fungicide at the beginning of the growing season to prevent fungus/mold. All of this washes away long before the plant matures and produces seeds. Also, the price of the regular jojoba is a bit less than that of our organic jojoba.

Jojoba restores elasticity to any dry skin area while conditioning and softening the skin. For daily conditioning, apply jojoba was all over the body immediately after bathing. Apply it either while the skin is still wet, permitting the skin to air dry after application, or apply it after gently blotting the skin dry, while the skin is still moist. You can also apply jojoba only to problem areas like elbows, knees, calves, feet or other areas prone to dryness. Jojoba soothes and conditions sun- or wind-burned skin.

Jojoba is a “fixative”. While it has a mild, nutty scent of its own, it is totally vulnerable to the scent of its immediate environment. After jojoba has been in your skin for a minute or two, the scent will hardly be distinguishable your own. This characteristic makes jojoba an ideal carrier or base for essential oils and perfumes. Dilute your essential oils in jojoba before applying to skin, scalp and hair, or for massage.

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