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Chakra Blends – Solar Plexus


The Solar Plexus chakra is the portal to divine creativity and expansion. Represented by the color yellow, it’s an energy center of joy and unlimited possibilities. This beautiful and bright blend will help spark and energize the 3rd chakra center.

10ml amber glass bottle.

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    Solar Plexus – the 3rd Chakra (Manipura) 

    The third chakra is the Solar Plexus governed by personal power where one has found their purpose
    Location: Hollow area between the ribs
    Associated Color: Yellow
    Associated Element: Fire
    Uses:  Apply the oil (diluted, of course) to pulse points: neck, chest and wrists. the more heat you create during your practice, the greater the aroma
    Awakening Poses: Cobra, bow, cat, cow & fish
    Balanced: Outgoing, happy, relaxed, self-respecting, confident, spontaneous, expressive, enjoyment of life, people, food & activity
    Excessive: Workaholic, perfectionist, judgmental, trouble relaxing, demanding, whining
    Deficient: Depressed, confused, poor digestion, insecure, distrustful and even jealous
    Physical: Gastrointestinal system, stomach, liver and gall bladder, spleen and adrenal gland
    Psychological: Seat of emotions, both positive and negative emotions and assertiveness
    Spiritual: Intuition
    Malfunction: Lowers Immune system, migraine headaches, respiratory ailments & heart ailments, ulcer, high cholesterol & hypertension
    Use Artisan Aromatics Solar Plexus Chakra Oil to balance. Use in your bath or diffuser or massage oil

    The Essential Oils in Solar Plexus Chakra Oil:

    The word chakra means a vortex where energy enters and leaves the body. There are 7 main chakras that run vertically along the spine from the base to the top of the head. Our 7 Artisan Aromatics Chakra Oil Blends have been developed through extensive research to help you become more centered and balanced. Use our Crown Chakra Oil to achieve chakral balance and use our other Chakra Blends for the other chakras.

    Our 7  Chakra Oils Blends:

    The chakra energy centers work together to create balance. One of the most effective ways of keeping the chakras in alignment is through the use of essential oils. Aromatherapy is deeply connected to chakra healing and can be enormously beneficial and can be used to balance and harmonize chakras. Our Chakra Oils can be used in baths, massages and diffusers to help restore the balance and strengthen weaknesses.

    Weight 1.5 oz
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