Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

(Cinnamomum zeylanicum)
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Cinnamon Leaf (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) essential oil is a powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and stimulating oil used in pain and wellness blends. Warming, energizing and with a wonderfully spicy aromatic profile. Try blending with vanilla and/or sweet orange to diffuse a familiar and comforting combination, or create a powerful anti-viral blend with clove, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus.

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Botanical Name Origin Cultivation Method of Extraction Source Note
Cinnamomum zeylanicum Ceylon Conventional Steam Distilled Leaves Middle
Blends Well With : Frankincense Essential Oil, Somalia, Ginger Essential Oil, Nutmeg Essential Oil, Black Pepper Essential Oil, Coriander Essential Oil, Vanilla Absolute, Blood Orange Essential Oil,

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

Cinnamon Leaf (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) essential oil from Ceylon is pure therapeutic quality essential oil.

Cinnamon has been one of humanity’s most ancient aromatics both as a spice and as medicine. Written in Exodus XXX, 23 is a formula containing cinnamon, myrrh, cassia, calamus, and olive oil to use as a holy anointing oil. In Egypt, cinnamon was used for embalming, perfuming incense, and as a medicine. In medieval Europe it was  used as a flavoring in beverages, and as a religious rites aromatic. In various time periods, Cinnamon was considered more valuable than gold.


This oil has a long history of use for its stimulating, protective, anti-viral, analgesic and anti-bacterial benefits.

Cinnamon Bark Oil blends well with other spicy oils such as clove, cardamon, and ginger; and citrus oils such as bergamot, sweet orange, or lemon. Use just a tiny bit with frankincense, cedar or myrrh to add a spicy counterpoint. Cinnamon Bark oil has a deeper and richer spicy scent than the powdered spice.

Cinnamon Leaf oil constituents: eugenol, eugenic acetate, linalool, E – cinnamyl acetate, benzyl benzoate.

Essential Oil Safety Considerations
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1 review for Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

  1. Tara (verified owner)

    The cinnamon scent is incredible, exhilarating, and perfectly spicy. I purchased with Clove Bud EO and both have a similar scent. I made a blend of Four Thieves and it’s wickedly good. Artisan Aromatics is a wonderful company to work with, buy from, and support.

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