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Cocoa Absolute

(Theobroma cacao)
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It smells like chocolate! Cocoa Absolute (Theobroma cacao) from France has a simply delicious, rich chocolate aroma. It’s for external use only but offers a wonderful way to get your chocolate fix aromatically.


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Botanical NameOriginCultivationMethod of ExtractionSourceNoteBlends Well With
Theobroma cacaoFranceConventionalSolventSeedMiddle Vanilla Absolute, Coffee Essential Oil,

Cocoa Absolute Essential Oil

Cocoa Absolute (Theobroma cacao) from France has an intense, deep, dark chocolate aroma. Like all of our essential oils, enfleurage oils, absolutes and blends, Artisan Aromatics Cocoa absolute is of the highest therapeutic quality bottled by hand in USA. Cocoa absolute is solvent-extracted from the beans (seeds) produced by the cacao tree, which grows in many tropical areas of the world. The beans are white when harvested but before they are subjected to extraction, they are washed, fermented, dried, roasted and reduced to powder. This absolute is used in perfumery and is also suited to candle and soap making.


Like all of our Artisan Aromatics essential oils, enfleurage oils, absolutes and blends, this oil has been carefully selected for its therapeutic quality. Then, to ensure maximum freshness and potency, this oil is bottled by hand in USA only after orders are received.

The edible chocolate that we are familiar with comes from the same botanical source as our Cocoa absolute.  The cacao bean has been used by the indigenous people of Central America as food, as medicine, and as a ritual substance  for thousands of years. In ancient times, and in some places still, it has been recognized and prized as an aphrodisiac and as a substance that gives  a pleasurable, elevating experience. Even today, you will hear people describe themselves as “chocoholics” because they so love the feeling the get from eating chocolate.  The famous 18th century botanist Linnaeus so appreciated cacao’s properties that the Latin name he gave it literally means “food of the gods”.

While you should never use Cocoa absolute (or any absolute)  internally, for us inhaling its aroma really does impart some of the same “feel good” effects as indulging in a chocolate bar – and without the calories! Try it and see if it will “do it” for you.

USES: Cocoa absolute is used in natural perfumery, for soap and candle making, and for environmental fragrancing. It’s not usually used in aromatherapy because it’s solvent-extracted. For topical use, we recommend a maximum concentration of 0.2% in a suitable fatty base, such as vegetable oil or perfumers’ alcohol. This concentration can be achieved by adding 2 drops of cocoa absolute to one ounce of the suitable base.  Because Cocoa Absolute is thick, it may clog some diffusers; the best type of diffuser to use with thick absolutes and essential oils is a fan diffuser with a replaceable scent pad.

SAFETY: See dilution recommendations above for topical use.

If you love the exquisite aroma of our Cocoa Absolute, you may really go for our heavenly Vanilla Absolute

Because our Artisan Aromatics Cocoa Absolute is very thick it is only sold in 5ml and larger sizes that use a phenolic cap rather than the standard cap that allows the Euro-dropper insert.
Essential Oil Safety Considerations

2 reviews for Cocoa Absolute

  1. isaiahsongs (verified owner)

    This is the real deal. I tried so many that were not from different sites. It is just like dark chocolate. An awesome addition to personal oil blends as I make my own cologne. If you love the smell of dark chocolate you will love this. It is very thick and dark as you would think it should be. Hi quality, highly recommended.

  2. rs (verified owner)

    Rich and magnificent, thick and heavy bodied. Adds a wonderful character/basenote to alcohol-based perfumes!

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