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Copaiba Balsam Essential Oil – Wildcrafted

(Copaifera langsdorfii)


Copaiba Balsam (Copaifera langsdorfii) essential oil is wildcrafted in Brazil, and steam distilled from the resin of the leguminous trees. Known for its anti-inflammatory qualities, this gum has a slightly sweet, vanilla aromatic profile and is calming to the nervous system.

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Botanical Name Origin Cultivation Method of Extraction Source Note
Copaifera langsdorfii Brazil Wildcrafted Steam Distillation Resin Base
Blends Well With : Rose Otto Essential Oil, Jasmine Absolute, Sandalwood Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, India, Ylang Ylang Complete Essential Oil, Vanilla Absolute,

Copaiba Balsam Essential Oil – Wildcrafted

Copaiba Balsam Essential Oil (Copaifera langsdorfii) from Brazil is Wildcrafted Therapeutic Quality Essential Oil steam distilled from the resin of the leguminous trees.

The crude resin of Copaiba Balsam trees is sustainably harvested in the rainforests of Brazil and then steam distilled to make this phenomenal essential oil. This viscous liquid appears dark when exposed to light and has a pungent, woody scent. Amazonian indigenous peoples used Copaiba resin in a variety of ways, especially for skin conditions. It was also used as an ointment to treat various diseases by the natives of northern and Brazil. Today Copaiba is used mostly for its calming and soothing qualities as well as its seemingly uncanny ability to ease the mind.

Copaiba Balsam Uses

Aromatherapists have cited numerous therapeutic properties for Copaiba Balsam essential oil, such as soothing skin, but this oil is most often used for perfumery. It makes a wonderful fixative and a hearty base note for perfumes with sweet, floral overtones: warm, honey-like scent. It is rich, quite pleasant and has an easily identified base note. 

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Essential Oil Safety Considerations
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