Recover Aromatherapy Blend


Our proprietary Recover Aromatherapy Blend is a combination of 100% pure essential oils that have been reported by aromatherapists to support restoration of vitality and well-being.  We especially enjoy using it when we’re getting over a cold or other routine setback.


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Recover Aromatherapy Blend

Are you recovering from being under the weather? Our Recover Aromatherapy Blend is a combination of 100% pure essential oils that have been reported by aromatherapists to support vitality and well-being.


Methods of Use

Our synergistic Recover Aromatherapy Blend can be used for inhalation or topical application; our preferred methods of use include adding a few drops to a low-output diffuser (such as a fan diffuser) or putting a couple of drops on an aromatherapy locket designed to prevent the oil from touching the skin. Don’t use this blend on lava stones, as this method will allow undiluted oils to touch the skin (we don’t like lava stone aromatherapy jewelry as we think it poses a risk for skin irritation). 

If you prefer to apply this blend to the skin, it must be diluted before application and since some of these constituents pose a low risk of skin sensitization and/or a risk of phototoxicity (can cause severe sunburn), we recommend that you not exceed a maximum concentration of 1.5% of this blend in a suitable vegetable oil (such as grapeseed oil).  The appropriate maximum concentration is achieved by adding  14 drops of blend to an ounce of vegetable oil.  This method of use is most appropriate for application to a relatively small area, such as the upper chest; for a full-body massage, use a lower concentration ( 9 drops of blend or less in one ounce of vegetable oil.

SAFETY INFORMATION.  This blend contains Cumin essential oil, which may cause severe sunburn if used on the skin less than 12 hours before exposure to sunlight or tanning lamps: therefore, don’t use this on the skin unless you can avoid sun or tanning lamps for at least 12 hours after putting it on your skin.

This blend was formulated for adults and is not recommended for use by anyone under 16 years of age. Pregnant women, and those who are nursing should consult a professional clinical aromatherapist before using this blend. This blend will not help you recover from any serious illness and it is not recommended for such use.

See usage information above for maximum safe concentrations for topical use.

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For more information on diluting essential oils in carrier oil for topical usage, check out this article and infographic by Dr. Joie Power:

Proper Dilution of Essential Oils for Topical Use

Essential Oil Safety Considerations
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