Citrus Essential Oil Collection
(Various Citrus....)


Value Priced – Save 40%: Six different types of Citrus Essential Oils come in our Citrus Essential Oil Collection. Each of the six 5ml bottles contains a different Citrus Oil. You’ll enjoy the differences of aroma of these fine Citrus Essential Oils Value Priced at 40% off 15ml sizes.

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Botanical NameOriginCultivationMethod of ExtractionSourceNoteMain Natural ConstituentsBlends Well With
Various Citrus....Varies: Italy, Mexico, USADepends on which Essential OilExpressionPeel | RindMiddle to topCompletely natural components - nothing is added or taken awayVaries

Citrus Essential Oil Collection

Enjoy the variety of aromas in this Citrus Essential Oil Collection. Can you tell the difference between these six different types of Citrus Oils? The difference in aroma between some of these oils is subtle but the difference between others in this Citrus Essential Oil Collection is huge. All are 100% pure & natural citrus oils. Of course, we have other Citrus Oils too but, we thought that our customers might like this interesting mix at a very special price.

Citrus Essential Oil Collection:

Here’s a brief description of each plus links to their individual pages if you’d like to read more or purchase larger sizes.

Common NameOriginBotanical NameDescription
Grapefruit, PinkUSACitrus paradisiA
Lemon OrganicItalyCitrus limonumT
Lime, KeyMexicoCitrus aurantifoliaV
Mandarin, GreenItalyCitrus reticulata aka deliciosaS
Orange, BloodItalyCitrus aurantium dulcisV
TangerineUSACitrus reticulataA

Each bottle of Lavender in our Lavender Essential Oil Kit comes in a 5ml bottle.

Standard sizes for all of the oils in our Citrus Essential Oils Collection are 15ml, but all of these oils are also available in larger sizes, from 1oz to 4oz. Why 5ml in this collection? We bottled all of these citrus oil in 5ml bottles so that more of our customers could enjoy the set at a reduced cost and the 5ml bottles fit nicely in our gift box too!

More info about the Citrus Oils in our Citrus Oil Collection:

Citrus Essential Oils Description:

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