Honeysuckle Enfleurage, Organic
(Lonicera japonica)


Organic Honeysuckle Oil Enfleurage, Lonicera japonica. We are the sole purveyor of this rare handcrafted enfleurage oil produced by our facility in South America.  Due to the limited supply of this rare enfleurage oil, it is only available in our smallest size: 1/2 dram wrapped in a gift box. Enfleurage oils are not available for returns. To insure happiness, you may sample our Enfleurage selection with our 5 pack of Sample Vial Pack (5).


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Botanical NameOriginCultivationMethod of ExtractionSourceNoteMain Natural ConstituentsBlends Well With
Lonicera japonicaSouth AmericaOrganic farmedEnfleurage (ancient method using only organic palm oil & organic cane sugar alcohol to extract the essential oils)Flower petalsMiddle to TopMethyl benzoate, methyl anthranilate, benzyl alcohol, butyric acid, eugenol, nerol, farnesol, geraniolNOTE: These are completely natural components - nothing added or removedcarnation, gardenia, tuberose, neroli, peru balsam, rose otto, violet, ylang ylang

Organic Honeysuckle Enfleurage

Organic Honeysuckle Enfleurage, Lonicera japonica, is one of the most precious oils in the world and known for its heady floral fragrance. Organic Honeysuckle Enfleurage is the rarest of the rare, coming from our small artisan organic grower/extractor in South America who extracts the essential oil by the ancient method of Enfleurage.


What makes this so special?

Our Organic Honeysuckle Enfleurage is extracted with pure organic sustainably harvested Palm oil. This process is quite time consuming and takes many honeysuckle flowers but the result is very special – a wonderful honeysuckle aroma.

Method of Extraction

Enfleurage tray with tuberose flowers

Enfleurage tray with Tuberose flowers.

Our Organic Honeysuckle Enfleurage (Lonicera japonica) is pure undiluted Honeysuckle Oil extracted using a very old, all-natural technique known as enfleurage. Since the essential oil of the Honeysuckle flower cannot be extracted by distillation or pressing, most Honeysuckle Oil available today is extracted by harsh solvents in a chemical process that produces a product called an “absolute” (Honeysuckle Absolute). Although our Honeysuckle Oil is sometimes referred to as an absolute because it is not extracted by steam distillation, it is more correctly called a Honeysuckle Enfleurage. It is most rare, coming from a small grower/extractor in South America who uses only local organic palm oil and organic sugar cane alcohol to produce a true Honeysuckle Enfleurage essential oil.

The entire process of extracting this Organic Honeysuckle Enfleurage is done by hand, with no heat and no harsh chemical solvents. Pure local organic palm oil is used to extract the aromatic oils from the Honeysuckle flower petals by absorption. Once the palm oil is completely saturated with the essence of the Honeysuckle flower, the palm oil is separated from the Honeysuckle oil by cane sugar alcohol which is then evaporated to leave only the Organic Honeysuckle Enfleurage. The process for producing our Honeysuckle Enfleurage is quite labor intensive and requires many pounds of Honeysuckle flower petals per mL of oil, but the results are astounding. Many would find it difficult to differentiate the aroma of the oil from that of the actual flower – not quite as strong as the aroma when you are smelling the actual flower but, still quite wonderful.

Honeysuckle cannot be distilled like most essential oils due to the delicate nature of the flowers and there is not enough oil in the flower to extract by pressing. Enfleurage was the traditional method of extraction used in the 18th and 19th centuries and into the early 20th century. Solvent extraction using hexane has now virtually replaced the enfleurage method except for our own Honeysuckle Enfleurage. Solvent (hexane) extracted Honeysuckle Absolute is used extensively by the perfume industry. Only organic palm oil and organic can sugar alcohol are used to produce our Organic Honeysuckle Enfleurage and there is no hexane at all in this product. Both methods (enfleurage and solvent extraction) are time consuming, and the oil yields are quite small for the amount of materials used.

Learn more about the ancient technique of enfleurage in this article by Dr. Joie Power.

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