Gentle Focus Massage Oil


Gentle Focus Massage Oil is a Ready-to-Use combination of our 100% Pure Essential Oil Gentle Focus Formula added to our massage base. Gentle Focus Massage Oil is soothing, relaxing and helps to clear the mind.


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Gentle Focus Massage Oil

Gentle Focus Massage Oil is formulated with essential oils that have been reported by aromatherapists to both soothe and energize the body. It is a ready-to-use combination of our 100% Pure Essential Oil Gentle Focus Formula added in the proper dilution ratio to our specially formulated base of three different vegetable oils (grapeseed, almond and jojoba). If you want to use the Gentle Focus formula for direct application to the skin, this is ready to go right out of the bottle and saves you the step of having to dilute the pure essential oil blend in vegetable oils.

Gentle Focus Massage Blend is great to use for massage or as a roll-on fragrance. If you would prefer to use the Gentle Focus Formula in a diffuser or aromatherapy locket, then choose the undiluted Gentle Focus 100% Pure Essential Oil Formula.

Quality & Experience

All our Artisan Aromatics pure essential oils, aromatherapy blends and oil products are 100% therapeutic quality. Using our 20+ years of experience, we’ve gathered the finest quality oils from around the world. To ensure that our oils are as fresh and potent as possible, our oils are bottled by hand here in the USA only after each order is received.

Essential Oils in this Massage Blend:

These ingredients are blended into our all natural Base (Sweet Almond, Grapeseed and Jojoba).

Wiki has an article on Carrier Oils / Vegetable Oils that is of interest.

We use the term “Massage Oil” to mean a blend of essential oils added to a carrier oil / vegetable oil. For almost all of our Artisan Aromatics Massage Blends we use our professional carrier/base.

Some massage therapists use a blend for their carrier/base while some use only single vegetable/carrier and some use lotions and some use a massage blend that contains essential oils. We think that you’ll love our Massage Blends.

If you have some skin sensitivity and have newer used this massage blend, it’s a good idea to do a little test patch on the skin on the inside of your elbow.

Essential Oil Safety Considerations



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