Ginger Lily CO2 Extract
(Hedychium Spicatum )

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Ginger Lily CO2 Extract (Hedychium spicatum) from India. Extracted from the fresh rhizomes (roots). The aroma is spot on – floral, fruity and tart.


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Botanical NameOriginCultivationMethod of ExtractionSourceNoteBlends Well With
Hedychium SpicatumIndiaTraditially FarmedCO2Flower petalsTop The floral oils, especially jasmine as well as geranium and palmarosa

Ginger Lily CO2 Extract

Ginger Lily CO2 Extract Description:

Ginger Lily CO2 (Hedychium spicatum) from India.

Ginger Lily CO2 Select, India – extracted from the fresh rhizomes (roots). The aroma is spot on – floral, fruity and tart.

Hedychium is a genus of flowering plants in the ginger family Zingiberaceae, native to lightly wooded habitats in Asia. The genus name Hedychium is derived from two ancient Greek words, hedys meaning “sweet” and chios meaning “snow”. This refers to the fragrant white flower of the type species H. coronarium. Common names include garland flower, ginger lily, and kahili ginger.

Members of the genus Hedychium are rhizomatous perennials, commonly growing 120–180 cm (47–71 in) tall.

Did you know that a CO2 extract is technically not an actual essential oil even though it may contain many of the same constituents as a true essential oil.

By definition, the only true essential oils are those extracted by either steam distillation or expression.

Technically speaking neither absolutes nor CO2 extracts are essential oils although both processes extract most of the same aromatic constituents that make up essential oils. In addition, both methods may extract constituents that are not found in essential oils.

Like essential oils, both have wonderful fragrances and in some cases the fragrances of absolutes and CO2 extracts may be closer to that of the fragrance of the plant in nature.

You may wish to check out our Ginger Lily Absolute.

Because the CO2 extraction process is relative new, there is not much in the way of historical data about the therapeutic properties of the oils extracted in this manner. So, CO2 extracts as well as absolutes are most often used in perfumery.

Every different method extracts a somewhat different profile. A study published in the Journal of Agriculture Food & Chemistry found that “supercritical extracts and the steam-distilled products had very different compositions”. The researchers also found that CO2 extracts that were extracted at lower temperatures had a more diverse plant profile.


No safety data available.

Essential Oil Safety Considerations
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