Hempseed Oil

(Cannibis sativa)


Our Hempseed Oil, Cannibis sativa (no THC) is a carrier oil / base oil from the United Kingdom. It is made by cold expression of the seed. Warm and soothing to the skin with a slight nutty aroma.

8 oz bottle

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Botanical Name Origin Cultivation Method of Extraction Source
Cannibis sativa UK Conventional Expression (Cold Pressed) Seed

Hempseed Oil, Cannibis sativa, carrier oil (no THC)

Our Hempseed Oil, Cannabis sativa, is a carrier oil and comes from the United Kingdom. It is made from cold expression. Base Oils is another name for carrier oils and another name is vegetable oils. Our Artisan Aromatics Hempseed Oil makes a great base for adding Essential Oil to create a massage oil.

Hempseed Oil

Even though its botanical name is Cannabis sativa, our Hempseed Oil has almost no THC but, still, many people give testimony to their experiential benefits of this carrier oil. Our Hemp Seed Oil has a slightly nutty aroma. Extraction if by mechanical expression (pressing) without the use of chemicals, preservatives or additives, and is cold pressed at low temperatures. The oil is then filtered to remove any natural suspended solids

It is reputed to refresh, revive, and strengthen the skin with its emollient strength as a carrier oil. You can essential oils such as rosemary, chamomile, and tea tree to this carrier oil to reduce dryness. Do the research and enjoy our carrier oil in the formulation of your exciting therapeutic recipes.
Please note that we recommend that this oil and all of our oils only be used externally.

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