Joint Essential Oil Blend


Use Joint Oil Blend in a bath or add it to a plain vegetable oil to create a pleasantly scented massage oil that is enjoyed by men and women alike. Add it to vegetable oil for use in massaging around the shoulder sockets, fingers, toes and knees.


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joint oil blend for arthritis or joint pain
Joint Oil Blend for Joint Pain

Joint Oil Blend

I created Joint Essential Oil Blend to add to the massage oil I like to use for rubbing around my shoulders, fingers, toes and knees. I also like to put a few drops in a warm bath, especially during the winter. I think this feels really good, and I like the way Joint Aromatherapy Blend smells – clean and herbal, not flowery.


Be sure to dilute this 100% pure essential oil blend in carrier oil (vegetable oil) before applying to the body in a massage; 2.5% is the maximum recommended concentration in vegetable oil. Or, if you prefer, you can also purchase this formula as a pre-diluted, ready to use on the skin, massage oil.

For use in a warm bath, add up to 5 drops of Joint Aromatherapy Blend to a tablespoon of whole-fat milk or honey as this will help the essential oils disperse into the water and decreases any chance of skin irritation. You really don’t need to add more than 5 drops; you won’t get any nicer experience, and you’ll just be wasting money…plus, your chances of skin irritation will increase if you use an excessive number of drops.

Joint Massage Oil

Our Essential Oil Blends are formulated using pure essential oils. They can be used as-is in a diffuser, bath, or aromatherapy locket but should be diluted before application to the skin. To purchase the same formula in a form that is pre-diluted and ready-to-use on the skin, go to our Massage Oils page where you’ll find almost all of our Essential Oil Blend formulas pre-diluted to 2.5% in our signature massage base (a combination of Sweet Almond oil, Grapeseed oil and Jojoba).  Available in 4oz or 8oz bottles.

If you’re interested, I’ve found Wiki to be a good source for general information including some on essential oils.

Essential Oil Safety Considerations


Essential Oil Safety Considerations

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