Massage Base Oil


Massage Base Oil is our proprietary blend of Grapeseed Oil, Peach Kernel Oil and Jojoba preferred by Massage Therapists who choose to use only natural oils. We’ve found that this very special combination of oils works great for “spot” massage as well as full body massage.

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    Massage Base Oil – Our Most Popular Carrier Oil

    Our Massage Base Oil is a favorite with massage therapists who do not wish to use products on their clients that contain synthetics or chemicals. Use “as is” or add essential oils to this base oil (never more than 2.5% essential oils).

    Using our Massage Base Oil

    This Very Special Massage Base Oil is a unique combination of Grapeseed Oil, Peach Kernel Oil and Jojoba. We’ve found that this combination of oils works great for “spot” massage as well as full body massage. This combination of oils was formulated by massage therapists for massage therapists so that is has the perfect glide and absorbs well without being too oily. Use our oil alone or as a base for adding essential oils. If adding essential oils, add no more than 2 to 2.5% total.

    Our massage base has a very slight aroma. Virtually none. All natural carrier oils have a slight aroma that is unique to itself. I can distinguish grapeseed from sweet almond or jojoba but all are quite subtle.

    In general, the addition of essential oils completely masks any detectable aroma of the base.

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