Gardenia Enfleurage Limited Edition
(Gardenia jasminoides)

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$119 - $140

Our producer in South America sends us new batches of this exquisite organic Gardenia Oil several times a year. Enfleurage oils are not available for returns. You may sample our Enfleurage selection with our 5 pack of Essential Oil Samples.


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Botanical NameOriginCultivationMethod of ExtractionSourceNoteBlends Well With
Gardenia jasminoidesSouth AmericaOrganicEnfleurage (ancient method using only organic coconut oil & organic cane sugar alcohol to extract the essential oils)FlowerOsmotically balanced (contains top, middle and bottom notes) - can be worn alone as a perfume cinnamon leaf, citrus oils, clove bud, jasmine, neroli, rose otto, tuberose, ylang ylang

Organic Gardenia Enfleurage Limited Edition

Our Organic Gardenia Enfleurage Limited Edition is the rarest of the rare, coming from a small organic grower/extractor in South America who extracts the essential oil by the ancient method of Enfleurage. FYI – Some refer to this gardenia oil extracted by the enfleurage method as Organic Gardenia Essential Oil but, the proper term is Organic Gardenia Enfleurage Oil.

Due to the limited supply of this precious Enfleurage oil, all sales are final. You may also sample all 5 of our regular Enfleurage Oils in a sample pack

Limited Edition: What makes this so special?

This Limited Edition Organic Gardenia Enfleurage is extracted with pure organic Coconut oil instead of the usual organic Palm oil of our regular Gardenia Enfleurage. This process is more time consuming and takes more Gardenia flowers but the result is very special – pure Gardenia aroma without even a hint of the earthier undernote of Palm oil.

Method of Extraction

Enfleurage tray with tuberose flowers

Enfleurage tray with Tuberose flowers.

Our Organic Gardenia Enfleurage (Gardenia jasminoides) is pure undiluted Gardenia Oil extracted using a very old, all-natural technique known as enfleurage. Since the essential oil of the Gardenia flower cannot be extracted by distillation or pressing, most Gardenia Oil available today is extracted by harsh solvents in a chemical process that produces a product called an “absolute” (Gardenia Absolute). Although our Gardenia Oil is sometimes referred to as an absolute because it is not extracted by steam distillation, it is more correctly called a Gardenia Enfleurage. It is most rare, coming from a small grower/extractor in South America who uses only local organic coconut oil and organic sugar cane alcohol to produce a true Gardenia Enfleurage essential oil.

The entire process of extracting the Organic Gardenia Enfleurage is done by hand using no heat and no harsh chemical solvents. Pure local organic coconut oil is used to extract the aromatic oils from the gardenia flower petals by absorption. Once the coconut oil is completely saturated with the essence of the gardenia flower, the locally grown coconut oil is separated from the Gardenia oil by cane sugar alcohol which is then evaporated to leave only the Gardenia oil. The process for producing our Gardenia Enfleurage is quite labor intensive and requires many pounds of gardenia flower petals per ml of oil, but the results are astounding. Most would find it difficult to differentiate the aroma of the oil from that of the actual gardenia flower.

Gardenia cannot be distilled like most essential oils due to the delicate nature of the flowers and there is not enough oil in the flower to extract by pressing. Enfleurage was the traditional method of extraction used in the 18th and 19th centuries and into the early 20th century. Solvent extraction using hexane has now virtually replaced the enfleurage method except for our own Gardenia Enfleurage. Solvent (hexane) extracted Gardenia Absolute is used extensively by the perfume industry. Only organic coconut oil and organic can sugar alcohol are used to produce our Organic Gardenia Enfleurage and there is no hexane at all in this product. Either method (enfleurage or solvent extraction) is time consuming, and the oil yields are quite small for the amount of materials used.

Learn more about the ancient technique of enfleurage in this article by Dr. Joie Power.

Note that there is no hint of Palm oil aroma in this special Limited Edition of Organic Gardenia Enfleurage


Gardenia jasminoides was first introduced to the Western world from Cape Colony in Africa. Its botanical name comes from the fact that the aroma of its large white flowers was said to be very much like the scent of jasmine. Now, the most commonly found Gardenia used by the perfume industry is entirely synthetic and has no healing properties whatsoever. Natural Gardenia perfume is often enjoyed as a single-flower oil since the rich, warm, heady floral aroma produced from the flowers is considered osmically balanced (like Carnation and Lavender). This means its floral compounds are perfectly balanced, containing a top, middle, and base note.

Dried Gardenia flower petals have long been used in Chinese herbal medicine. The Chinese name for Gardenia is zhi zi. The traditional medicinal actions attributed to Gardenia include calming irritability, cooling blood, clearing away heat, reducing swelling, and moving stagnant blood that has congealed in one place, usually following trauma.

It is important to remember that Chinese herbal medicine is based upon individual prescriptions developed for each patient and their unique symptoms. Chinese herbs should not be taken, either individually or in formulas, unless a practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine is first consulted.

Gardenia Absolute and Gardenia Enfleurage are both mainly used in perfumery. Some aromatherapists have reported that like other heady floral fragrances such as Jasmine and Tuberose, both the absolute and enfleurage extracted oils of Gardenia have euphoric and aphrodisiac actions and can have stupefying effects if used in excess. As with any essential oil, our Gardenia Enfleurage Oil should be diluted in vegetable oil or in a traditional perfume base (alcohol and water) prior to use on the skin. A little bit of Gardenia Enfleurage oil goes a long way and you will enjoy the best results by using it sparingly.

earn more about the ancient technique of enfleurage on our webpage: Enfleurage Technique.

Wiki is another source for some basic info on enfleurage.


Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Gardenia Enfleurage Limited Edition

  1. stars (verified owner)

    I didn’t expect the coconut oil extracted limited edition Gardenia to be so far superior to the palm oil one, but it is.

    Everyone I’ve had sniff the two were stunned by the quality of this one over the other. It’s as if you’ve got a bowl of fresh gardenias always at hand.

    I collect gardenia oils, absolutes, and enfleurages, and this is so far superior to every other one!

    Truly priceless!

  2. Jackie (verified owner)

    If you do not like the earthy note of the regular enfleurage in palm oil, you may prefer the limited edition. It is lighter, and my experience is that it does not hold as long. It is also sweeter and does not have some of the heady, spicy notes of the palm oil-based enfleurage.

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