Organic Lavender Hydrosol

(Lavandula angustifolia)


Organic Lavender Hydrosol has a delicate, floral aroma. Lavender Hydrosol produced in stainless steel stills also has a very slight “still note” when fresh, somewhat like the aroma of tobacco; it does not affect the quality of the hydrosol serving as an indication of freshness and disappears as it ages.

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Botanical Name Origin Cultivation Method of Extraction Source Note
Lavandula angustifolia USA Organic Distillation Flowering Tops
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Organic Lavender Hydrosol aka Organic Lavender Flower

Organic Lavender Hydrosol: Hydrosols have quite a few different names – they are also known as hydroflorates, hydrolats, distillates, floral waters and flower waters. The term “flower waters” has also been applied, however, to inferior products made by simply adding small amounts of essential oil to ordinary water. Products made in this way and marketed as “flower waters” do not have the same properties as true hydrosols.

Organic Lavender Hydrosol has been said by aromatherapists to have calming and mood-enhancing actions. Some aromatherapists have reported that it can be sprayed into a room to help clear feelings of anger or tension. It’s also been praised as a wonderful skin toner for spritzing directly onto all skin types. We especially love to use Lavender Hydrosol as a spray for lightly fragrancing cotton bed linens and/or as a lovely room spray. Our Lavender Hydrosol is produced in the USA.

True hyydrosols are produced during the steam distillation of essential oils. Plant material is placed in the still along with water. Then heat is applied to produce steam. This steam extracts the oils from the plant material and is then condensed (re-liquified). The essential oils float to the top of the water and are separated from the water. But, of course, traces of the essential oil remain in the re-liquified distillation water, along with some non-volatile compounds that were also extracted, and this water is the hydrosol. For more info on hydrosols, here’s a link to Wiki: Wiki Hydrosols

Organic Lavender Hydrosol Properties

Organic Lavender Hydrosol is said to be very calming and relaxing and to lift the mood and spirits. It’s also popular as a skin toner that is reputed to be good for soothing dry, flaky, itchy skin and rashes.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is cultivated all over the world, including France, Russia, Bulgaria, the Himalayas and Croatia. Lavender is the most popular and widely used essential oil and for good reason: not only is it reported to be remarkably gentle and effective, but it has an almost universally beloved aroma – floral, soft, and herbaceous. If you love Lavender Essential Oil, we think  you’ll also love our Organic Lavender Hydrosol. You may also wish to try our Organic Lavender Essential Oil produced in the Provence region of France.

Note that hydrosols have a shorter shelf life than essential oils, so we always buy in small batches and replenish our stock often. To extend the shelf life of your Lavender Hydrosol, store in a cool dark area or refrigerate. Spritzing a Hydrosol that has been chilled can feel extra refreshing.

Beware: Some unscrupulous companies sell fake flower water – they just add a few drops of essential oil or even a fragrance oil to water – bad!  We always do our best to do the right thing. Artisan Aromatic Hydrosols are the real deal!

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