Natural Perfumer’s Starter Kit


Easily get started on a fun and creative perfumery journey with our Natural Perfumer’s Starter Kit, which includes what you need to start making all-natural essential oil perfumes:

  • Your choice of organic alcohol (plain, lychee or pear essence)
  • 3-pack of 10ml frosted glass bottles with spray tops (multiple colors)
  • 3-pack of re-useable glass pipettes
  • 4 essential oils (1 top, 2 middle/top and 1 base): Black Spruce, Lavender and Pink Grapefruit (5ml) and Frankincense (2.3 ml)
  • EO bottle opener
  • 12 Perfume testing scent strips
  • Book: Signature SCENTSibilities: Design a natural perfume using the energetic profiles of essential oils

Kit is $96, with your choice of alcohol base.

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Enjoy making your own 100% natural perfumes that also give aromatherapeutic benefits, using pure essential oils, absolutes and enfleurage. We offer 3 styles of perfumer’s alcohol, including delightfully infused pear and lychee in addition to plain/unscented.

This kit makes it easy to get started or continue your perfumery journey with the bottles, pipettes, essential oils and illustrated guide that profiles 30 plant species and the energetic profile of each’s essential oil. Design a “signature scent” for yourself — or make a special and unique gift for a loved one — that has as much meaning as it does aromatic beauty.

Kit includes 1 each of 10ml frosted glass bottles: Clear, Lavender and Teal.

Your starter essential oils (5ml) of high alpine Lavender, Black Spruce, Pink Grapefruit and 2.3 ml of Frankincense make it easy to get started, as each makes a wonderful single note perfume on their own, and also blend beautifully together.

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 9 in

Lychee alcohol, Pear alcohol, Plain alcohol


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