Pine Needle Essential Oil, Scotch

(Pinus sylvestris L)


Scotch Pine Needle Essential Oil (Pinus sylvestris) has a  fresh, resinous aroma that reminds us of a pine forest. Our Pine Needle Essential Oil (Scotch) is part of our Wildcrafted line of essential oils.

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Botanical Name Origin Cultivation Method of Extraction Source Note
Pinus sylvestris L Hungary Wildcrafted Steam distillation Needles, twigs, buds Middle
Blends Well With : Clary sage, cypress, lavender, niaouli, rosemary, tea tree, juniper, peppermint, cedarwood

Pine Needle Essential Oil (Scotch)

Description: There are a great many species of Pine and our Pine Needle Essential Oil is distilled from the beautiful Pinus sylvestris, also known as Scotch, or Scots, Pine. This is the type of Pine Needle essential oil most commonly used by aromatherapists and often described as stimulating, refreshing and purifying. The fresh, resinous, “piney” aroma of this essential oil will feel familiar to many people due to its frequent use in household cleaning products, although we find the essential oil to have a more pleasing aromatic note than that of the Pine Oil typical kitchen-cleaning liquid!

Pine trees can live a very long time and the oldest living pine is said to be over 4000 years old! We find that the aroma of the essential oil of Pine Needle enables us to connect with that strength and endurance by reminding us of this magnificent tree. We hope it will do the same for you.

Uses:  Various types of Pine have a long and remarkable history of use in herbal medicine and almost all parts of the plant, including needles, cones, bark and resin have been historically used by indigenous people around the world to yield either a tea, a salve, or food. The inner bark of many pines, for example,  is edible and highly nutritious and was a staple food for many Native American and Native Canadian peoples (do NOT use Pine Needle Essential Oil internally).   While indigenous people did not have the means to extract Pine Needle Essential Oil, modern aromatherapists claim that it is helpful in cases of  chest congestion and this has likely been the most frequent reason for it’s use by aromatherapists.

Salves made from pine resin were used by indigenous people for easing body aches and today the essential oil is sometimes added to salves for the same use. This is a bit risky, however, as Pine Needle Essential Oil can cause sensitization when it becomes oxidized (spoiled). See below.

Today, we use Scotch Pine essential oil in small amounts for both inhalation and topical application. For diffusing in a room or using in a traditional steam inhalation, one drop is really all you need. For massaging on a small area of achy muscles, we recommend not exceeding a concentration of 1% in a dilution with vegetable oil; this can be achieved by adding 9 drops of the essential oil to one ounce of vegetable oil.

SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: Scotch Pine Needle Essential Oil may cause skin sensitization if it becomes oxidized (spoiled). Proper storage is a must for safe use of this essential oil and it should be stored in dark bottles that are kept tightly sealed and stored away from heat, direct light, and moisture. Refrigeration is recommended to extend shelf-life. This essential oil should be diluted in  a fatty carrier (such as a vegetable oil) to a concentration of no more than 1% before use on the skin. This essential oil oxidizes readily and should not be kept for more than 3 months if stored unrefrigerated.

Buying Precautions:  When buying “Pine” or “Pine Needle” essential oil it’s important that you buy the right one: the oil from Pinus sylvestris is considered generally safe when used appropriately but other species that produce “Pine” or “Pine Needle” Essential Oil are regarded as hazardous: an example of a hazardous selection is the so-called “Dwarf Pine” Essential Oil that is extracted from Pinus pumilio. Always look at the Latin name given on a company’s website to insure that you are getting the right product! And never buy any essential oil that is not identified with the Latin name as well as the common name of the plant from which it was distilled.

Essential Oil Safety Considerations
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