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Pine Needle Essential Oil, Scotch

(Pinus sylvestris L)


Our wildcrafted Scotch Pine Needle (Pinus sylvestris) essential oil has a fresh, resinous aroma evocative of a pine forest, and has been used for centuries for fevers, arthritis, rheumatism, muscular pain and respiratory conditions. When diffused, its purifying, uplifting and clarifying, freeing the mind of stress and energizing the body to help eliminate fatigue and enhance concentration. 

A beautiful oil that is nothing like the synthetic “pine” you find in many cleaning products – this is truly a “forest in a bottle”  – a transportive, heavenly aroma. 

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SDS / GC-MS Report: Download Oil PDF Download PDF
Botanical Name Origin Cultivation Method of Extraction Source Note
Pinus sylvestris L Hungary Wildcrafted Steam distillation Needles, twigs, buds Middle
Blends Well With : Clary sage, cypress, lavender, niaouli, rosemary, tea tree, juniper, peppermint, cedarwood

Pine Needle Essential Oil (Scotch)

There are a great many species of Pine and our Pine Needle essential oil is distilled from the beautiful Pinus sylvestris, also known as Scotch, or Scots, Pine. This is the type of Pine Needle essential oil most commonly used by aromatherapists and often described as stimulating, refreshing and purifying. The fresh, resinous aroma is not what you think of with “pine” scented synthetic cleaning products – this is vibrant, foresty and instantly mood boosting, like a walk in the forest.

Salves made from pine resin were used by indigenous people for easing body aches and today the essential oil is sometimes added to salves for the same use. This is a bit risky, however, as Pine Needle Essential Oil can cause sensitization when it becomes oxidized (spoiled). See below.

Today, we use Scotch Pine essential oil in small amounts for both inhalation and topical application. For diffusing in a room or using in a traditional steam inhalation, one drop is really all you need. For massaging on a small area of achy muscles, we recommend not exceeding a concentration of 1% in a dilution with vegetable oil; this can be achieved by adding 9 drops of the essential oil to one ounce of vegetable oil.

The main components include α-terpineol (30.2%), linalool (24.47%), limonene (17.01%), anethole (14.57%), caryophyllene (3.14%), and eugenol (2.14%).

Essential Oil Safety Considerations
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