Rose Absolute

(Rosa damascena )
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Our Rose Absolute (Rosa damascena) is highly valued by perfumers and is free of the slight solvent aroma found in lower quality absolutes. You’ll love the quality.

Each of our smaller sizes, ½ dram (1.85ml), ⅝ dram (2.3ml), 5ml, and 10ml, is nicely presented in a gift box.


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Botanical NameOriginCultivationMethod of ExtractionSourceNoteBlends Well With
Rosa damascenaRussiaFarm / Eco-EthicalSolvent ExtractionFlower petalsTop The floral oils, especially jasmine as well as geranium and palmarosa

Our Rose Absolute (Rosa damascena) is produced through the process of solvent extraction in Russia by a rose growing company with a long tradition of making fine quality rose absolutes. It is highly valued by perfumers and is free of the slight solvent aroma found in lower quality absolutes.


Like all of our Artisan Aromatics essential oils, enfleurage oils, absolutes and blends, this oil has been carefully selected for its therapeutic quality. Then, to ensure maximum freshness and potency, it is bottled by hand in USA only after orders are received.

Due to the labor-intensive production process and the low content of oil in the rose blooms, rose oil commands a very high price. Harvesting of the rose petals is done by hand in the morning before sunup to avoid getting dew on the rose petals and material is distilled the same day.

There are two traditional methods of extracting the oil from the plant material:

Uses of Rose Absolute

Rose Absolute is used primarily for perfumery rather than for therapeutic applications. All three aromatic preparations of Rose, including our Artisan Aromatics Rose Otto and Organic Rose Enfleurage, are used in making perfumes, and while all have a characteristic “rose” aroma, each is subtly different.


The aroma is quite rich and floral and somewhat lighter than that of the same flower, Rosa damascena, which is extracted by steam distillation to produce our Rose Otto. This highly fragrant oil is known for its soothing, classic floral scent that is comforting. The aroma of Rose can be helpful during stressful times.

Essential Oil Safety Considerations

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1 review for Rose Absolute

  1. rs (verified owner)

    Not bad, when concentrated I can smell the solvent, but when I use just a few drops in perfume, this oil yields a VERY NICE and pleasant rose aroma! I will get more 🙂

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