Rose Hydrosol | Rosewater

(Rosa damascena)


Rose Water is soothing to the skin with the beautiful aroma of rose petals. Try it as a room or body spray, a face toner, or as the water in your diffuser.  Used as a daily face spray after cleansing, it’s a luxurious and refreshing treat.

Available in 2, 4 or 8oz bottle with spray top.

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Botanical Name Origin Cultivation Method of Extraction Source
Rosa damascena Turkey Conventional Steam Distillation Flowers

Hydrosols are also called Flower Waters, Hydroflorates, Floral Waters, Distillates and Hydrolats, although the term “flower water” has occasionally been used incorrectly to describe products made by adding a little essential oil to ordinary water. Our true Rose Hydrosol is produced in Turkey, a traditional center for rose distillation, from the beautiful Rosa damascena.

Rose Hydrosol is very soothing and relaxing and has the lush, heady aroma of roses in a lighter scent than found in the essential oil. It makes an indulgent body spray and has been praised as a restorative toner for the skin. Our beautiful, luxurious Rose Hydrosol is produced in Turkey.

Hydrosols are produced during the steam distillation process. Plant material is placed in the still along with water and heat is then applied to produce steam. This steam extracts the essential oil from the plant material and is then condensed (liquefied). The essential oil floats to the top of the water and is eventually separated from the water once the distillation is complete.  The water that remains once the essential oil has been taken off contains traces of essential oil together with some non-volatile constituents that were also extracted; this is the hydrosol.

It is also frequently referred to as “Rose Water” and has been used for centuries in cosmetic preparations and as an ingredient in some Middle Eastern foods.  It’s a great way to experience the classic, romantic aroma of Rose. Rose Water makes a luxurious skin toner and feels wonderful spritzed on the face. It has calming and relaxing qualities.

You might find it interesting to compare the aroma of this to that of our exquisite Rose Otto Essential Oil.

Note that Flower Waters / Hydrosols have a shorter shelf life than essential oils, so we always buy in small batches and replenish our stock often. To extend the shelf life of your Rose Hydrosol, store in a cool dark area or refrigerate. Spritzing a Hydrosol that has been chilled can feel extra refreshing.

Beware: There are companies out there that make fake hydrosols. They just add a few drops of essential oils or even fragrance oil to water. This is not a hydrosol. Ours are 100% pure, created during the essential oil distillation process.

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 7 in

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