Safe Travels Essential Oil Blend

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Safe Travels Oil Blend is a combination of 100% Pure Essential Oils with a clean, antiseptic aroma. It is our adaptation of formulas from the Middle Ages once believed to protect from contagious illnesses. We always keep it on hand during the winter months and when traveling.


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Safe Travels Oil Blend

Safe Travels Essential Oil Blend is a combination of 100% Pure Essential Oils derived from plants that were historically believed to offer antiviral and antibacterial protection to persons exposed to contagion. We wouldn’t say that essential oil blends of this type will keep you safe from the Plague, as once believed, but many people today enjoy the powerful, clean, antiseptic  aromas of traditional blends like Safe Travels Essential Oil Blend.

Essential Oils in Safe Travels Aromatherapy Blend

How to Use this Antiviral / Antibacterial Aromatherapy Blend

This blend can be used for inhalation, in a bath, or topically (if diluted first).

When traveling and out in crowds you can inhale this blend straight from the bottle, although one of our favorite methods of use is to put 3 or 4 drops on an aroma locket that’s designed to keep the oil away from your skin (we don’t recommend using lava stones as they allow the oil to touch your skin and the stones themselves can scratch the skin, increasing the risks of irritation). You can also diffuse this blend into your room -we prefer fan diffusers, or other low-output diffuser types, for this purpose – usually 3 or 4 drops is just right.

If you want to make an aromatic oil to apply to the chest area, dilute this blend with vegetable oil to a maximum concentration of 2 to 3%.

Our Safe Travels Antiviral Oil Blend can also be used for doing a traditional steam inhalation – a maximum of 3 drops works best.

Traditional Inhalation:

  • Heat water to boil.
  • Turn the burner off and remove the pot from the stove.
  • Allow the water to cool for a minute or two and as you proceed, be careful not to burn yourself on a hot pot.
  • Add 3 drops of the Safe Travels Blend.
  • Cover your head and the bowl with a towel if desired.
  • Breathe in the vapors deeply through nose and mouth several times; repeat if desired.
  • Keep eyes closed while over the steam

Safe Travels Blend is also available in an Easy-to-Use Roll-On


This blend was formulated for adult use. Use sparingly ( 1 or 2 drops) and infrequently with children over 9 years of age; consult a professional aromatherapist before using this blend with children under 9. Always dilute before topical use to avoid skin irritation and/or sensitization reactions. This blend could promote severe sun burning in the areas of application if used on the skin less than 12 hours before exposure to sunlight or tanning lamps.

Our Essential Oil Blends are formulated using pure essential oils. They can be used as-is in a Essential Oil Diffuser, bath, or  Aromatherapy Locket but should be diluted before application to the skin. To purchase the same formula in a form that is pre-diluted and ready-to-use on the skin, go to our Massage Oils page where you’ll find almost all of our Essential Oil Blend formulas pre-diluted to 2.5% in our signature massage base (a combination of Sweet Almond oil, Grapeseed oil and Jojoba).  Available in 4oz or 8oz bottles.

If you’re interested, I’ve found Wiki to be a good source for general information including some on essential oils.

Essential Oil Safety Considerations

Essential Oil Safety Considerations
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Essential Oil Safety Considerations

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